Peerless-AV PLP-PAN65 User Manual

Installation and Assembly - Plasma Adapter Bracket for 65" Sharp™ LC-65D90U Plasma Screen
Model: PLP SH65
IMPORTANT! Read instruction sheet before you st art installation and assembly .
Before you start make sure all parts listed are included with your product.
Parts ListTS LIST
Description Qty. Part #
AA adapter bracket 1 201-1010 BB M10 x 15 mm penta pin screw 4 520-9263 CC M10 x 2" penta pin tool 1 520-9260
Attach adapter bracket (AA) to back of plasma screen using four M10 x 15 mm penta pin screws (BB) as shown. Tighten M10 x 15 mm penta pin screws (BB) using M10 x 2" penta pin tool (CC).
This product is UL Listed. It must be installed by a qualified
professional installer.
• Do not overtighten! Overtightening may cause permanent damage to the screen. T orque to 26-35 in • lb (30-40 kg • cm).
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