Peerless-AV PLCM-2 User Manual

Peerless-AV PLCM-2 User Manual



Flat Panel Straight Column Mount



with Universal Adapter Bracket


for 32" to 65" Flat Panel Screens







The PLCM-2-UNL Flat Panel Straight Column Mount with Universal Adapter Bracket provides



maximum compatibility for plasma and LCD flat panel screens from 32” up to 65”. Specially





designed to include both shallow and deep brackets, this mount accommodates virtually all flat



screens, even ones with a ‘bump out’ on the back. With ultra-reliable heavy gauge cold rolled



steel construction it safely holds screens up to 200lb. And it does it in style with a black fused



epoxy finish that gives the column a look that fits in any setting from bars and restaurants and



hotels to transportation hubs to places of worship. Anywhere you need to install a flat screen



from the ceiling, the PLCM-2-UNCL is the solution.





Screen size: 32"-65"

Max load: 200lb (90.7kg)





Adapter brackets accommodate virtually all screens, even ones with a bump out the back

Cable management

360º swivel





Maximum Viewing








0-20º of adjustable tilt








360º of side-to-side swivel takes the

Penta-Pin security screws



best view anywhere in the room


deter tampering and loss




Sorted-For-You™ fastener


pack included for quick



Easy Adjustment





and easy assembly



Up to 20º of tilt helps set





the perfect viewing angle

Scratch resistant black





fused epoxy finish




Max load capacity





200lb (90.7kg)












Heavy Gauge














Universal Compatibility



Made entirely from cold





Fits screens up to 65"



rolled steel, providing




maximum strength and











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