Peerless Industries PRG-EXB, PRG-EXC, PRG-EXA User Manual

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Peerless Industries PRG-EXB, PRG-EXC, PRG-EXA User Manual



PRG Series Adjustable Projector



Ceiling/Wall Mount Kit



For Multimedia Projectors up to 50 lb (22 kg)







Peerless has packaged flexibility and ease together in one box with these ceiling/wall mounting













kits, which enable the installation of a projector from either the ceiling or the wall. This all-in-







one kit includes the industry’s first precision gear projector mount that delivers precision image














an adjustable length column that provides ideal height positioning for the perfect projector







installation. Concealed within the column is a cable-management channel, assuring a clean







and clutter-free appearance.
































Max load: 50 lb (22 kg)





















Continuous channel design



















for uninterrupted drop length





Achieve Ideal Placement











or wall extension adjustments
























Continuous channel design for










Three adjustable





uninterrupted drop length or














wall extension adjustments











extension lengths:

































PRG-EXA models: (ceiling/wall)



















8.7"-12.8" (221-325 mm)



















9.72" -13.86" (247-352 mm)













Pin-Point Image Alignment


PRG-EXB models: (ceiling/wall)













Includes PRG Precision


12.68"-20.67" (322-525 mm)













Gear Projector Mount that


13.74" – 21.73" (349-552 mm)













provides pin-point image


PRG-EXC models: (ceiling only)













alignment with its unique














gearing system by simply


19.13"-32.91" (486-836 mm)













adjusting two knobs

Safety catch designed into



















extension to ensure user and



















equipment safety


















Mounts to ceiling or wall



















(according to model)





Added Peace-of-Mind











with included wall mount









Universal Compatibility









Incorporates safety catch design





Includes the Spider® Universal











into extension channels to ensure





Adapter Plate which extends











user and equipment safety





Spider® Universal Adapter









up to 17.63” (448 mm) to fit most














Plate extends up to 17.63"













projector models


(448 mm) to fit most projector



























































Internal cable management



















within channels for clean,





































clutter-free appearance


















Includes PRG Precision



















Gear Projector Mount that



















provides pin-point image



















alignment with the unique



















gearing system by simply



















adjusting two knobs










































































































































Safety Catch Mechanism Wall Adapter Included with





































































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FAX: 708.865.2941

























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