Bowers & Wilkins C100 User Manual

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S o l i d S e r i e s

L o u d s p e a k e r s y s t e m

Solid Solutions C100

The solid solutions C100 is a centre channel specifically designed to focus dialogue the viewing screen. It should ideally be positioned above or below the television and its magnetic shielding ensures a television picture free from interference.


The solid solutions PB100 compact active subwoofer has an integral 70-wattMOSFET amplifier, dramatically boosting the bass response of yourhi-fior Home Theatre system. It features B&W’s unequalleddown-firingFlow Port System, delivering low frequencies fat and with a punch that is second to none.


The solid S100 is the perfect match for a modern lifestyle and can be used in any room of the house. Its multipurpose wall bracket allows it t be mounted either way up in the corner or flat on walls.


The Solid Centrale is the new high-endbenchmark amongst compactmulti-purposemonitors. Ideal as front centre, rear or front channel monitor in Surround Sound systems whilst offering breathtaking definition and clarity as a shelf seizedhigh-endhi-fimonitor. The Solid Central is at homein-doorsor out, upright or on its side, wall mounted orstand-based,at most angles on substantial surfaces. The Central enables top qualityhi-fiperformance to travel further than ever before.

Both drivers are magnetically shielded to facilitate proximity to videos, TV sets and computer screens without causing any picture distortion.


Team has been specifically designed to adapt to any environment, any application. On its own it can be used as a highly efficient, sensitive bookshelf speaker, professional equipment monitor or used with the aid of the unique Solid port bug-plugin outdoors applications.

With its magnetically shielded design it is ideal for use as a TV surround loudspeaker. Its integral wall mounting brackets means it can be suspended from walls or ceiling in any room in the house.

Whilst the Team delivers as good, if not better bass extension than other loudspeakers twice its size, it’s when the Team links up with the Teambass Subwoofer that it really shows its power. With a special front vent design to accentuate the low frequencies, teams peak power handling in its own right is impressive at around 75 watts, but with the Teambass this is boosted to in excess of 100 watts.

Bass station

To take solid performance beyond the merely superlative, a dedicated Bass Station has been developed to match the remarkable efficiency of the Solid loudspeakers. Utilising eight 4in drive units to achieve almost 92dB sensitivity, the bass reflex port is positioned centrally on the front of the cabinet. This provides for easy positioning against a wall or in the corner if maximum bass output is required.

Frequency response has been shaped to deliver high output performance in 50-100Hzrange with commanding dynamic clarity – or a punch to the stomach.

The bass station has a designated 2nd order high pass filter crossover developed by some of the best acoustic engineers in the world.

Solid monitor

The Solid Monitor is a compact precision instrument of sound. Its depth, power and purity are a delight to the ear, whilst its look caresses the eye. There are four treats in store. Like bass reflex loading: over 90dB sensitivity: power handling of up to 150 watts – not to mention response levels maintained down to a remarkable 70Hz. That’s as low as many of its competitors go with the aid of a subwoofer.

The outer is as ingenious as the inner. A multi-radiused,polypropylenetwo-partcabinet has been devised to achieve a smoother sound through inherent damping. All in the cause of majestic output, practically free from distortion up to the highest level.

The Solid monitor can be mounted at any angle, on walls or ceilings. When fixed to a wall, bass extension reaches down to 50Hz, even without the help of a subwoofer. Solids can join forces too. The Solid Array offers the option of multiple ceiling installations using just one cable.


The Solid Ovale’s sensitivity and sheer sound realism will force you to reconsider the performance potential of small domestic loudspeakers. It means getting used to amazingly deep reaching bass and power handling that peaks at 100 watts. It means you can crank up the volume because the distortion you would normally expect just isn’t there.

The live atmosphere hits you through the remarkable scope of the Oval stereo image. The live atmosphere hits you through the remarkable scope of the Ovale stereo image. Equipped with its own overload protection, the Solid Ovale brings you the bass; the breadth of frequency, the power and dynamic range of hi-fiperformance that you thought was out of reach.

Versatility is the key to the Oval Satellites. The compact injection moulded ABS cabinet is positioned on a straight-stalkantenna that enables you to angle the speaker in any direction. 3670 degrees of movement to enable you arrive at the optimum listening position for a particular room.


The Solid HCM1 loudspeaker is possibly the most advanced, high fidelity compact monitor on the market today – a professional audiophile product with reference speaker sound capabilities. Although borrowing characteristics from classic Solid Monitor, the HCM1 has been extensively refined. Making good use of multi-radiusedtoughened copolymer cabinet, it offers low coloration with superb dynamic range and sensitivity, minimal distortion at high volumes and excellent stereo imaging.

The HCM1 can operate with or without a subwoofer. The HCM1’s well-definedhigh frequency output is produced by a one inch,Ferro-fluidcooled soft dome polyester tweeter.

The bass midrange incorporates a high quality copolymer five-inchwoofer, which offers a unique combination of stiffness and damping, while the low hysteretic roll surround gives a fast bass attack. The HTM1 is magnetically shielded and features acoustic voice matching, ensuring accurate, seamless sound from a two to six channelset-up.


The Solid HCM2 is an excellent full range speaker in a super-compactformat. Ideal as a front or rear surround speaker in astart-uphome theatre, it may also be used in combination with a subwoofer as part of athree-piecesound system. Smaller than the HCM1, the HCM2 uses a similarmulti-radiusedcabinet to reduce internal resonance and produce full quality sound. Its75-wattpower handling capability and 80Hz to 20kHz response (±3dB) makes it fully up the demands of digitally recorded music and home theatre sound tracks. Magnetically shielded and equipped with acoustic voice matching to ensure a seamless tonal balance with other Solid speakers, the HCM2 features a one inchFerro-fluidcooled tweeter: a four inch bass/mid range driver: an automaticswitch-offto protect against accidental overload and a versatile wall fixing bracket.

Active Power Bass

The Active PowerBass is a powerful extension to the Solid HCM1, HCM2 and Monitor loudspeakers. Housed in a cube-shapedcabinet, it is ideal for both critical music listening and high performance home theatre applications, giving an exceptionally smooth bass response right down to 38Hz. The active PowerBass utilises a high70-wattMOSFET amplifier, normally found only in esoteric, top of the range loudspeakers: an eight inch subwoofer cone with a long throw voice coil and rubber surround for a fast bass attack: magnetic shielding to allow the Active PowerBass to be placed near a television or computer and aset-upswitch, able to be pushed flush once the subwoofer has been adjusted.

B&W Loudspeakers Ltd reserves the right to amend details of the specifications without notice in line with technical developments. E & OE. All trademarks acknowledged.