Rover 51, 61, 80 User Manual

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Rover 51, 61, 80 User Manual

Powered Lawnmowers —

Walk Behind

Model Nos. 51, 61 - 20” (508mm)

Model No. 80 - 22” (560mm)



Rover Mowers Ltd

ABN 11 000 257 303


• Symbols are used on the machine to communicate important information.

• A list of symbols and their meanings are

shown below.

• Please familiarise yourself with them before operating the machine.




• Caution




• Wear foot protection
























• Refer to the Owners Manual for





































































maintenance details














• Keep hands and feet away




















• Fast speed





























































































• Rotating blades in cutterhead





























• Slow speed




































• Caution rotating blades while doing maintenance




















• Engine choke








































































• Push handle to handle bar to drive mower forward









• On or start - switch, lever or position






































• Wear eye protection




• Off - switch, lever or position
















• Wear hearing protection




• Disengage - switch, lever or position






















• Wear hand protection




• Engage - switch, lever or position































ii Powered Walk Behind Mower

Part No. 04016067 Rev E

© Copyright 6/2005


Rover Mowers Ltd

ABN 11 000 257 303


Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Australian made and designed product from an Australian owned company.

This manual covers the operation and maintenance of the Rover Walk Behind Powered Lawn Mowers, as listed on the front cover of this manual.

Please read and understand this and any associated manual before using this machine. If any point is unclear, please contact any authorised Rover service dealer.



The following symbols have been used in this manual to highlight important information:



This symbol warns against injury to the operator or bystanders.

This symbol warns against mower damage or possible loss of warranty.

This symbol highlights good ideas or tips.







General Cleaning


- Cleaning the Underside of the Mower




- Cleaning the Upperside of the Mower


Changing the Cutting Blades







Remote Air Cleaner Option


Self Propelled Option







- Adjusting the Drive Cable


- Removing the Drive Frame Cover





SETTING UP........................................................................


- Replacing the Drive Frame Cover


Assembly of the Grass Catcher


- Drive Chain Lubrication


Folding the Handle


- Drive Chain Adjustment


Adjusting the Handle Height


- Drive Belt Adjustment


Engine Lubrication and Fuel


- Drive Belt Replacement


Powerstart Option


- Adjusting the Drive Clutches


Self Propelled Option


- Lubricating the Drive Pawls




Powerstart Option






Grass Catcher


- Installing the Grass Catcher




- Removing the Grass Catcher


Powerstart Option


Mulch Plug


Self Propelled Option


Grass Deflector




Adjusting the Cut Height











- Starting the Engine


- Stopping the Engine


Grass Cutting and Catching


Self Propelled Option


Powered Walk Behind Mower

Part No. 04016067 Rev E

© Copyright 6/2005 iii




Rover Mowers Ltd


ABN 11 000 257 303



• Never mow while barefoot or wearing open sandals, or thongs. Wear long trousers and heavy shoes.


• Know your controls. Read the owner’s manual carefully. Learn how to stop the engine quickly in any emergency.


• Make sure the lawn is clear of sticks, stones, bones, wire and debris. They could be thrown by the blade.


• Stop the engine and disconnect spark plug wire (on internal combustion engines) or disconnect the mower from the


mains (on electric mowers) before clearing blockages, checking or working on the mower.


• Before using, always visually inspect to see that blades, blade bolts and cutter assembly are not worn or damaged.


Replace worn or damaged blades and bolts in sets to preserve balance.




• Check all nuts, bolts and screws often; always be sure the mower is in safe operating condition. Use only


replacement parts made and guaranteed by the original manufacturer of your mower.


• Refuel outdoors only. Do not smoke while fuelling engine. Add fuel before starting the engine. Never remove


the cap off the fuel tank or add petrol while the engine is running or the engine is hot. If petrol is spilled, do not


attempt to start the engine but move machine away from the area of the spill and avoid creating any source of


ignition until petrol vapours have dissipated.


• Do not mow whist people, especially children, or pets are in the mowing area.


• Replace worn or faulty silencers.


• Mow only in good daylight.


• Never use the mower unless the grass catcher, or guards provided by the manufacturer, are in position.


• Start the engine carefully with feet well away from the blades.


• Do not operate the engine in a confined space where exhaust fumes (carbon monoxide) can collect.


• Stop the engine whenever you leave the mower, even for a moment.

• Do not allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the mower.

Store the mower in a well ventilated room away from naked flames such as may be found in hot water heaters.

Never use an electrically powered mower in the rain or when the grass is wet.

Never leave wind up starters in a wound condition.

Do not over-speed the engine or alter governor settings. Excessive speed is dangerous and shortens mower life.

It is advisable to wear suitable eye protection when operating a mower.

Turn the fuel off at the conclusion of mowing and reduce the throttle setting during the engine run-out.

Store fuel in a cool place in a container specifically designed for the purpose. In general, plastic containers are unsuitable.

Stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire or mains power cord, as applicable, and inspect the mower if-

(a)the mower begins to vibrate abnormally; or

(b)after striking a foreign object.

Never cut grass while walking backwards.

Stop the engine before pushing the mower across gravel drives, walks or roads.

Walk, never run.

Mow across the face of slopes, never up and down. Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes. Do not mow excessively steep slope.

Never pick up or carry a mower when it is operating.


Ensure that all the following component parts are included in the package (refer figure 1):

-Mower (1 off)

-Kit including: Owners Manual (1 of)

Engine Manual (1 of)

Spark Plug Spanner (1 of)

Screw - 3/16” x 1/2” UNC (2 of)

Nyloc Nut - 3/16” UNC (2 of)

Washer - 3/16” x 1/2” flat (2 of)

-Grass catcher bottom (1 of)

-Grass catcher top (1 of)

-Grass catcher handle (1 of - may be loose or fitted to Grass catcher top)

NB. Other accessories may be included in the carton which vary with each model. These items will be covered by a separate owners manual e.g. Mulch Mowing Kit, Grass Deflector Kit, etc.


•Notify the place of purchase of missing items as soon as possible.

1 Powered Walk Behind Mower

Part No. 04016067 Rev E

© Copyright 6/2005


Rover Mowers Ltd

ABN 11 000 257 303


•This manual covers several mowers with the following specifications:

- Models 51, 61

- 20” (508mm Cut Width)


- 12 Cut Height Settings

- Model 80

- 22” (560mm Cut Width)


- 15 Cut Height Settings

NB. - Models come with one of a range of engines (refer to the engine manual included in the kit)

-Options are available (and may be included) on the above models e.g.

-Mulch Mowing

-Deflector Mowing

-Remote Air Cleaner

-Powerstart Function

-Self Propelled Function


-Details may be included in this manual or on a separate manual included in the Mower Kit.




•Before using the Mower the following set-ups are required:








•Locate the catcher handle and align its front lugs with the slots in the top of the catcher and press firmly into position



(refer figure 2).



•Position the catcher top over the catcher bottom, aligning the barbs on the top with the slots in the bottom (refer



figure 2).



•Press firmly down on the catcher top to lock the barbs into slots (refer figure 2).



•Secure the top and bottom halves of the grass catcher together at the front using the two 3/16” screws, washers and



nyloc nuts supplied. Insert the screws from the outside with the washers and nyloc nuts on the inside of the catcher.











•Locking knobs: by turning these knobs the handle bars can be either locked in the operating position or folded for storage.



•Locking lever: lift the lever to release the handle bars for folding or push the lever closed to lock handle bars in the



operating position. Adjust the tension by turning the lock nut with a 1/2" AF spanner (refer figure 3 A).









•Loosen the two nuts (B) at the base of the handle bars on both sides of the mower using a 1/2" AF spanner (refer



figure 3).



•Move the handle bars to the required position and tighten the handle bars nuts.






The engine safety precautions, oil and fuel recommendations, operation instructions, adjustments and maintenance is covered in the engine manufacturer’s manual which is included in the mower kit. Please refer to and adhere to these recommendations.

If you do not have the engine manufacturer’s manual please refer to the nearest engine manufacturer’s representative for a replacement copy.

CAUTION The engine is packed without oil or fuel. Please add these as per the engine manufacturer’s recommendations before attempting to start the engine.

Do not allow any dirt or contaminants to enter the fuel tank or oil filler tube.



The battery must be removed from the mower while recharging.

Only use the battery charger indoors where it cannot be affected by weather.

The battery contains a strong acid electrolyte which may cause personal and material damage.

-Do not disassemble, drop or damage the battery.

-Do not incinerate or expose the battery to high heat or a flame or it may explode.

-Dispose of batteries thoughtfully. Refer to your local regulations for battery disposal.

-Replace any leaking battery immediately.

-Clean the battery only with a dry cloth - never use petrol, thinners or other petrochemical.

-Neutralize any electrolyte spills with an alkaline solution.

Powered Walk Behind Mower

Part No. 04016067 Rev E

© Copyright 6/2005 2

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