Rover 35M92 User Manual

4.5 (2)
Features Benefit
• 18” Cut Ideal for medium to large size blocks
• Briggs & Stratton XTS 50 Engine
More power, reliability and easy starting, 2 year engine warranty
When mulching the blades tilt back When catching the blades tilt forward
• Plastic Grass Catcher
Strong, durable, keeps dust under control and is easy to clean
• 12 Position Single Lever Height Adjustment
Cut heights to suit most conditions, height of cut 13-57mm
• Edge Cut Both Sides Eliminates extra manoeuvring to trim against edges
• Easy Push Ball Bearing Wheels Reduces the effort required when mowing
• Upswept Upper Handlebar Operator comfort
• One Piece Lower Handlebar Superior strength and durability
• Easy Fold Handlebars Easy storage and transportability
Mulch ʼN Catch
Model 35M92
EAN 9313 2810 74761