Peerless-AV LCZ-2F430B User Manual

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Peerless-AV LCZ-2F430B User Manual


Triple-Monitor Desktop Stand

for up to 19" Monitors


This beautiful sleek desktop stand raises three monitors off the desk surface, thus saving workspace and creating a productive display configuration to increase productivity. Adjust the height and position of the monitors to the ideal viewing point. It is quick and simple with the adjustable locking system which allows the user to move and lock the monitors freely along the vertical rail without using any tools.




Display size: up to19"

Max load:

59.4lb (26.9kg)







Display (ea):

19.8lb (8.9kg)








Supports three 19"







monitors on a 35.4"







(900mm) crossbar




Quick and easy positioning


Easy to assemble and




A unique adjustable locking


requires 2 square feet of




system allows moving and locking

desktop space




the monitors freely along the





vertical rail without using tools








12" (305mm) of height







adjustment for the ideal







viewing point and 5.3"







(134mm) distance from







the vertical rail













75 and 100 VESA®







mounting pattern








Thread cables along the horizontal crossbar to keep cables and cords out of sight and protected for a clean uncluttered desktop

Easy height adjustment Move and lock monitors

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