Peerless-AV LCT-A1B6C-2, LCT-A1B5C-2 Specsheet

Peerless-AV LCT-A1B6C-2, LCT-A1B5C-2 Specsheet

LCT models

Universal Articulating


and Pivot Desktop Mounts


For 15" to 24" LCD Monitors


It is quick and simple to position the monitor to the users ideal viewing point and maximize



work area when it is mounted on one of these six single or dual screen desktop mount models.


Each of the six models is ergonomically designed and features smooth motion, spring-loaded


architecture for the easiest height, depth and tilt adjustment of the monitor, assisting with


reduced eye and neck strain.

Screen size: 15"-24"

Max load: 17.5lb (8kg)








Two-link arm extends up to



Tilts, Pivots and Rotates



30" (770mm) from the base





to provide virtually limitless



and provides internal cable





viewing angles and easy portrait



management. Can be used



Position the screen


to landscape orientation



with ACC328 Laptop Tray





at the perfect height

(sold separately)





with one smooth motion


One-link arm pivots 360 degrees and provides internal cable management


Pole mount with two-link arm extends up to

22" (559mm), enables 14.4" (366mm) of height adjustment and provides

internal cable management


Dual screen two-link arm allows multiple viewing angles on any combination of 15" to 24" monitors.

Can be used with ACC328 Laptop Tray (sold separately)


Pole mount with one-link

arm extends 12.9" (329mm)










Mounting options

and provides 9.1" (231mm)










for all surfaces

of height adjustment



















desk clamp and desk











bolt available














Pole mount with two-link



Cable management

arm extends up to 17.83"






(534mm) from the base



delivers a clean clutter-free

and 9.1" (231mm) of



look to any installation

height adjustment





















































LCT-A1B1C shown




LCT-A1B5C-2/H-2 LCT-A1B6C-2/H-2


with ACC328





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