Peerless-AV MIS488 User Manual

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Peerless-AV MIS488 User Manual

Installation and Assembly:

DVD/VCR Mount Connector

Model: MIS517

NOTE: Read entire instruction sheet before you start installation and assembly.


Do not begin to install your Peerless product until you have read and understood the instructions and warnings contained in this Installation Sheet. If you have any questions regarding any of the instructions or warnings, please call Peerless customer care at 1-800-729-0307.

This product should only be installed by a qualified professional.

Make sure that the wall will safely support the combined load of the equipment and all attached hardware and components.

Always use an assistant or mechanical lifting equipment to safely lift and position equipment.

Tighten screws firmly, but do not overtighten. Overtightening can damage the items, greatly reducing their holding power.

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