NEC NP-PX750U2-18ZL, NP-PA621X-13ZL, NP-VE281X, NP-PA722X, NP-PX602UL-WH Miscellaneous Information

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NEC Display Solutions of America,
D-Sub 9P Female D-Sub 9P Female
Pin 2 Pin 2
Pin 3 Pin 3
Pin 5
Pin 5
Pin 7
Pin 8
*Tie Pin 7 & 8 together at both ends of the cable if desired
Pin 7
Pin 8
1 2
3 4
6 7 8
To GND of PC
To RxD of PC
To TxD of PC
To CTS of PC
To RTS of PC
HU www.necdisplay.comUH
PC Control Connectors and Cables for NEC Projectors v6.1
NEC labels the connector for RS232C serial communication the “PC Control” port. This PC Control port can be used for the following functions:
• Communication from an AMX, Crestron or Extron control system.
• Communication from a PC using the NEC Geometric Correction Tool for adjusting a projector to display an image on a
cylindrical, spherical or corner screen.
• Communication from a PC using the NEC Image Express Utility to send images to the projector for presentations as well as basic projector control, projector lamp and error status or asset management. (These functions can also be accomplished via LAN or USB with models that have a network interface, optional network PC card or USB interface)
NEC uses two types of connectors for the PC Control port, a D-Sub 9pin for larger projectors and a mini-DIN 8pin for smaller projectors due to space constraints on those models.
Models with D-Sub 9Pin PC Control port: M271X/M311X/M311W, M282X/M322X/M322W/M402X/M332XS/M352WS VE281/VE281X, VE282B/VE282XB, V311X/V311W, V302H NP4100/4100W P401W/P421X/P451W/P501X PA622U/PA672W/PA722X PE401H/M402H PX602UL/PX602WL PX700W2/PX750U2/PX800X2 PH1000U/PH1400U PH1201QL PH1202HL UM330X/UM330W, UM361X/UM351W U321H
A standard D-Sub 9P female to D-Sub 9P female “Null Modem” or “Cross” cable can be obtained at a local computer or electronics store. A “Straight Through” cable will not work. If you prefer to assemble your own cable, you can use the pin out information below.