ZyXEL Communications P-660R-T User Manual

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P-660R-T Series

ADSL2+ Access Router

Quick Start Guide

Version 3.40


ZyXEL Communications P-660R-T User Manual

P-660R-T Series Quick Start Guide


The Prestige 660R-T (P-660R-T) ADSL2+ access router is the ideal device for small networks connecting to the Internet via ADSL.

See your User’s Guide for background information on all features.

1 Hardware Connections

If you prefer to see a multi-media animation of how to make hardware connections, see the included CD.

1DSL: Connect the Prestige to a telephone jack using a telephone wire.

2LAN: Use an Ethernet cable to connect a computer to the LAN port for initial configuration and/or Internet access.

3POWER: Use the included power adaptor to connect the POWER socket to an appropriate power source (see the User’s Guide for power adaptors specifications by region).

After you’ve made the connections, push in the power button to turn on the Prestige. Look at the front panel LEDs. The PWR/SYS LED blinks while performing system testing. The PWR/SYS then turn steady on if the testing is successful. The LAN LED turns on if the LAN port is properly connected.

2 Configuration for Internet Access

You may configure the Prestige for Internet access in any one of these ways:

• Configuration Genie


P-660R-T Series Quick Start Guide

Zero Configuration

Web Configurator Internet Access Wizard

Note: Configuration genie or Zero configuration are only able to configure the device automatically for Internet access if you are using PPPoE, PPPoA or ENET ENCAP encapsulation with a dynamically-assigned IP address from your ISP.

If you’re not using these Internet access settings, then use the Web Configurator Internet Access Wizard to manually configure the device.

You will need your Internet access information such as user name and password if given by your ISP.




RFC1483 in bridged mode with a dynamic IP address or


ENET ENCAP with a dynamic IP address



An IP address only

RFC1483 in routing mode with a static IP address



A user name and password (and an IP address)

PPPoA or PPPoE encapsulation (with a static IP address)



An IP address, subnet mask and a gateway IP

ENET ENCAP with a static IP address





2.1 Configuration Genie

From the included CD, click “Multimedia Auto Provisioner” (the installation and configuration assistant) and then click “Installation Tutorial”. After you’ve viewed the tutorial, click “Configuration Genie” at the end of the installation tutorial or from “Multimedia Auto Provisioner” in the CD.

2.2 Zero Configuration

Launch your web browser and navigate to any web site (for example, www.zyxel.com). The Prestige automatically detects and configures your Internet connection. This may take about two minutes.

If you have a PPPoE or PPPoA connection, a screen displays prompting you to enter your Internet account information. Enter the username, password and/or service name exactly as provided. Click Apply.


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