ZyXEL Communications P-660H-D1 User Manual

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P-660H-D Series

ADSL2+ 4-port Gateway

Quick Start Guide

Version 3.40

Edition 2


ZyXEL Communications P-660H-D1 User Manual

P-660H-D Series Quick Start Guide


The P-660H-D is an ADSL router with a four-port built-in switch.

See your User’s Guide for background information on all features.

How to use the included CD

This CD provides multi-media animations that help you set up your P-660H-D.

1On the included CD, click Multimedia Auto Provisioner > Installation Tutorial.

2At the end of the tutorial, click Configuration Genie.

1 Hardware Connections

If you prefer to see a multi-media animation of how to make hardware connections, see the installation tutorial on the included CD.

1DSL: Use a telephone wire to connect your P-660H-D’s DSL port to a telephone jack (or to a splitter, if one is already installed).

2ETHERNET: Use an Ethernet cable to connect a computer to the ETHERNET port for initial configuration and/or Internet access.


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