ZyXEL Communications P-660HW-Dx User Manual

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P-660HW-Dx v2
802.11g Wireless ADSL2+ 4-port Gateway
Quick Start Guide
Version 3.40
Edition 1
P-660HW-Dx v2 Quick Start Guide
The P-660HW-Dx v2 is a wireless ADSL router with a four-port built-in switch.
This Quick Start Guide shows you how to use the P-660HW-Dx v2 to connect to the Internet and how to configure the device settings to connect wirelessly.
See your User’s Guide for background information on all features.
Quick Login Information
LAN IP address
default administrator password 1234
How to use the included CD
For a multimedia animation of how to make hardware connections, see the installation tutorial on the included CD.
1 On the included CD, click Setup > Multimedia Auto Provisioner
2 At the end of the tutorial, use Configuration Genie to set up your P-660HW-Dx v2 to connect to the
P-660HW-Dx v2 Quick Start Guide

1 Hardware Connections

1DSL: Use the gray telephone wire to connect your P-660HW-Dx v2’s DSL port to a telephone jack (or to
the modem port on a splitter if you are using one).
2ETHERNET: Use the yellow Ethernet cable to connect a computer to an ETHERNET port for initial
configuration and/or Internet access.
3POWER: Use the included power adaptor to connect an appropriate power source to the POWER socket.
Make sure the power source is on.
4 Push in the POWER button.
5 Look at the lights on the front panel.
P-660HW-Dx v2 Quick Start Guide
•The POWER light blinks while your P-660HW-Dx v2 starts up and stays on once it is ready.
• Each ETHERNET light stays on if the corresponding ETHERNET port is properly connected and blinks when there is traffic.
•The DSL light is on when the P-660HW-Dx v2 has a DSL connection.
•The INTERNET light is on when you are able to access the Internet and blinks when the P-660HW-Dx v2 is sending or receiving data. Wait a couple of minutes while your device checks the connection.
If any of these lights are not on, check your connections and inspect your cables for damage. If the lights are still off, contact your local vendor.

2 Internet Connection Setup: Automatic

Use this section to have your P-660HW-Dx v2 automatically detect and set up your Internet connection.
1 Open your web browser to a website. Wait while your P-660HW-Dx v2 tries to detect your DSL connection
to your ISP. This may take a few minutes.
2 After it detects the connection, the DSL light shows green on your device and the Internet light comes on
when the Internet is ready for you to use. If you have a PPPoE connection, you will have to enter your user name and password.
3 Go to section 3 if you wish to configure your wireless settings.
4 If you do not see the connection test screen, or the connection test is not successful, follow the instructions
in the screen below, or check your connections and restart the P-660HW-Dx v2. If you still cannot access the Internet, follow the steps in section 3.

3 Internet and Wireless Setup Wizard

Use this wizard to connect to the Internet and configure your wireless settings.
Follow these steps to access the Internet and Wireless Setup Wizard:
1 Open your browser and enter the following URL address:
+ 7 hidden pages