ZETTLER AZ821-2C-12DSE, AZ821-2C-12DE, AZ821-2C-5DE, AZ821-2C-48DSE, AZ821-2C-48DE Datasheet

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Low profile for compact board spacing
DC coils to 48 VDC
Single button crossbar contacts
High sensitivity, 100 mW pickup
Life expectancy to 15 million operations
High switching capacity, 125 W, 120 VA
Fits standard 16 pin IC socket
Epoxy sealed for automatic wave soldering and cleaning
Meets FCC Part 68.302 1500 V lightning surge
Meets FCC Part 68.304 1000 V dielectric
UL, CUR file E43203; CSA LR 701392
Arrangement DPDT (2 Form C) Ratings Resistive load:
Max. switched power: 125 W or 120 VA Max. switched current: 2 A Max. switched voltage:150 VDC or 240 VAC
Rated Load
UL 1.25 A at 100 VDC, 125 W
0.5 A at 125 VAC
CSA 1.25 A at 150 VAC, 150 VDC Material Gold/silver alloy, gold plated Resistance < 50 milliohms initially
200 milliohms at end of life
Life Expectancy Minimum operations
Mechanical 15 x 10
Electrical 1 x 105at 2 A 30 VDC Res. Operate Time (typical) 3 ms at nominal coil voltage Release Time (typical) 2 ms at nominal coil voltage
(with no coil suppression)
Dielectric Strength 1500 Vrms coil to contact (at sea level for 1 min.) 1000 Vrms contact to contact
Insulation Resistance 1000 megohms min. at 20°C, 500 VDC,
50% RH
Dropout Greater than 10% of nominal coil voltage Capacitance Contact to contact: 2.0 pF
Contact set to contact set: 1.5 pF Contact to coil: 5.0 pF
Ambient Temperature At nominal coil voltage
Operating AZ821: -40°C (-40°F) to 75°C (167°F)
AZ831: -40°C (-40°F) to 95°C (203°F)
Storage -40°C (-40°F) to 115°C (239°F) Vibration 1.5 mm DA at 10–55 Hz Shock 40 g 11 ms 1/
2 sine
Enclosure P.B.T. polyester 94 V-O Terminals Tinned copper alloy Max. Solder Temp. 270°C (518°F) Max. Solder Time 5 seconds Max. Solvent Temp. 80°C (176°F) Max. Immersion Time 30 seconds Weight 6 grams
At Pickup Voltage AZ821: 250 mW (typical) AZ831: 100 mW
Max. Continuous 1.7 W at 20°C (68°F) Dissipation 1.3 W at 40°C (104°F)
Temperature Rise AZ821: 37°C (67°F) at nominal coil voltage
AZ831: 18°C (32°F) at nominal coil voltage
Temperature Max. 115°C (239°F)
1. All values at 20°C (68°F).
2. Relay may pull in with less than “Must Operate” value.
3. Other coil resistances and sensitivities available upon request.
4. Specifications subject to change without notice.
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