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ATA171plus and ATA172plus

SIP IP ATA for Analog Phone device

ATA171plus front and rear view Color : Gray

ATA172plus front and rear view Color : Milk White

Support up to 5 Register Accounts at five SIP Servers

Compatible with ADSL/Cable Modem, WiMax/3G Modem

Suit to end user use with Voice over IP Service Provider

Auto Provision feature

Support PPTP VPN Client

WAN and LAN support NAT feature

ATA172plus and ATA171plus are two analog phones and one analog phone set SIP device which allow user to make or receive VoIP call through Internet Telephony service provider. This device is suitable for single user for ITSP service provider to install at home or office with affordable price and convenience installation.

To select freely up to 5 SIP service Accounts

ATA is appropriate to use for VoIP Service Providers, IP Centrex service and IP-PBX within offices and remote branch offices. Up to 5 SIP Servers ( or ITSP Service provider or alternative IP-PBX ) can be configured at both ATA171plus and ATA172plus simultaneously. You can dial one of five accounts number directly no hassle.

Provision is easier than before

Auto Provision server software installs at Windows or Linux platform are supported to manage, configure and configure firmware download remotely to ATA. It is a convenience device for VoIP ITSP Service provider to manage ATA easily.


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