WellGate 2522

2-Line FXO, 2-Line FXS SIP IP Gateway

WellGate 2522 front view

WellGate 2522 rear view

Dual IP Stack : IPv6 and IPv4 Simultaneously

Support up to 4 SIP Trunk Servers

Enhance existing PABX to VoIP Call

Auto HTTP Provision feature

Flexible Routes Plan, Dial Plan, Digit Manipulation

Redundant Firmware Image

WellGate 2522 is an 2-Line FXO plus 2-Line FXS gateway with SIP protocol IP device which allows to connect 2 Lines of analog PSTN telephone line and connect to 2 Lines analog telephone set (for instance, analog trunk line of PABX) to make or receive VoIP call over Internet or VPN network. This device is suitable for office PABX to enable VoIP call without changing cabling, dial plan, extension number.

To select up to 4 SIP TRUNK Accounts

WellGate 2522 is appropriate to use four VoIP SIP Trunk or IP Centrex service or IP-PBX within offices and remote branch offices. One of four SIP Servers ( or ITSP Service provider or alternative IP-PBX ) can be configured freely at each line ( FXO port or FXS port ) to make or receive IP Call. It provides 4 service platforms according to your dial number or routes plan.

IPv6 VoIP Gateway is ready to Market

IPv6 address was developed for years, however, it was not practical to our life up to date. More and more electronic devices are able to link to IP Network, this makes existing IPv4 address supply in short to global market. Meanwhile, the emerging countries are not able to increase IPv4 address supply due to strong market demand on broadband services. WellGate 2522 is an SIP based FXO plus FXS gateway which was built-in both IPv6 and IPv4 IP address. No matter when you are ready to deploy IPv6 network now, or reserve the future expansion to IPv6 from existing IPv4 address, WellGate 2522 is ready to grow up with you. Both IPv6 and IPv4 address are working simultaneously at Voice IP Call. Its flexibility of both IPv6 and IPv4 accept and interwork both addresses on today and tomorrow whenever you need.

Flexible Dial plan and Route Plan Features

WellGate 2522 provides flexible Dial Plan between FXO, FXS and IP Trunk (SIP Soft Switch). Dial Plan is to configure in what condition the digits can be sent out to/from IP network. The dialing inter-digit time before dialing is configurable to meet local PSTN line or PBX’s extension line. Dial Rule is able to detect the prefix code and maximum digits reached and then dial

automatically. The Digit Manipulation (DM) allows you to configure matched prefix code, digits length, start and stop digit 1 position to be replaced digits as well.

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WellGate 2522

2-Line FXO, 2-Line FXS SIP IP Gateway

Route Plan is to configure the incoming and outgoing call routes which you desired this call to go out or allow to income. For instance, IP incoming call may Reach to one FXO or FXS port with Priority or Cyclic access. You can also configure IP incoming call by Matched prefix digits, Matched dialing number to FXO/FXS line and Matched digit length. For FXO/FXS outgoing call to IP routes, the hunting type supports Priority or Cyclic or Simultaneously to select which SIP trunk ( SIP Proxy Server ) to go. FXO/FXS outgoing call routes also support by Matched prefix digits, Matched outgoing SIP Trunk number and Matched digit length. Both direction supports No Answer time out and Backup Routes.

Upgrade existing PABX to enable VoIP call

WellGate 2522 is a SIP IP device to connect with existing PABX and enable to make or receive VoIP call without affecting existing cabling, extension number or dial behaviors. It is an easy and quick way to upgrade existing PABX to VoIP calls. Do not expand your PABX’s extension lines and analog trunk lines. Bypass PSTN line to PABX automatically if this device power is failure or IP network disconnection. It is an dependable solution to keep your PABX works as before.

ITSP Service Provider

WellGate 2522 (2FXS plus 2FXO)

WellGate 2644 (4FXS plus 4FXO)












In office




trunk line





Office Existing Digital PBX








DHCP Server, LAN port



Ethernet port (RJ-45, 10/100 base-T)

NAT Server (RFC 1631)



1-WAN port, connect to IP Network

PPPoE Client



1-LAN port connect to PC with NAT




Support Bridge, NAT and Gateway mode

DNS Client



Telephony port connect to local PSTN line (RJ-11 x 4 pcs)




DC +12V power input Jack

URL Filter



Reset key to return Factory setting

IP Filter



LED Indicator for System, SIP, FXS and FXO status

MAC Address Filter




Application program Filter



IP Network connection

Port Filter



IPv4 (RFC 791) and IPv6 Simultaneously

Port Forwarding (TCP, UDP or both)



IPv6 Auto Configuration (RFC 4862)

Bandwidth Control (Download and Upload), Maximum Bandwidth


IPv6 Only, IPv4 Only or dual stack

priority setting



MAC Address (IEEE 802.3)

UPnP Server at LAN port



MAC Clone Setting

Behind NAT, use DMZ for NAT traversal



Vendor Class ID

SNTP with time zone and Daylight Saving




TCP/UDP (RFC 793/768)



Static IP

RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889/1890)



DHCP Client (RFC 2131), WAN port

IPV4 ICMP (RFC 792),



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