Rover MULCH 'N CATCH 30 User Manual

Rover MULCH 'N CATCH 30 User Manual

Mulch ’N CatchTM

Convertible Rotary Lawnmower

Model 30


Rover Mowers Limited


Congratulations on your purchase of Rover Mowers’ latest addition to its lawn care range, the Rover Mulch ’N Catch Mower.

The Rover Mulch ’N Catch is a convertible mower. This allows you to use the mower with the grass catcher fitted to the mower, (to pick up the grass cuttings) or remove the grass catcher and fit with the mulching plug to mulch the grass. The advantage of this design is that it allows you to gain the benefits of mulch mowing, but at times of rapid growth, or when the mulched grass clippings are tending to build up, the grass catcher can be fitted and the grass clippings removed.



The Rover Mulch ’N Catch mower set up as a mulching mower (grass catcher removed and mulch plug fitted) reduces the grass clippings into very fine particles. The design allows for the even distribution of the grass particles at the base of the lawn.

The mulched clippings can then:

Breakdown quickly, releasing nutrients into the soil, saving on fertiliser costs

Reduce evaporation of moisture from the soil which reduces watering costs and effort

Help to control temperature extremes protecting the roots of the grass

Assist in controlling soil erosion

1.2Benefits for your lawn

Research has shown that lawns are usually cut too short. Grass, like any other plant life, relies on photosynthesis to regenerate and survive. Reduced leaf size (from cutting too low) can seriously affect a lawn by:

Making it easy prey for disease

Encouraging weeds to take hold

Exposing the soil to:

greater evaporation

temperature extremes; and


Raising the cut heigh and using mulch mowing follows the best practice for nurturing a healthier more attractive lawn.

1.3Benefits for you

Because you mulch as you mow the time and cost savings are also significant:

Eliminates raking of leaves before mowing (the Mulch ’N Catch mower picks up and converts fallen leaves into mulch)

Eliminates raking of cut grass

Saves the time spent emptying the catcher

Automaticaly disposes of grass clippings

Eliminates the need to dispose of clippings at the refuse tip

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