Peerless-AV LCW620A - Sell Sheet User Manual



Monitor Wall Arm w/ Extension

for up to 30" Monitors



The LCW620A is a single monitor mount with a flexible articulating arm. Installation is quick and



easy and allows positioning of the display for greater productivity. Instantly set the height of


the monitor into a comfortable viewing position. A quick release mechanism instantly secures


the monitor. Raise or lower the monitor, extend out, tilt forward and back, pan and rotate for


portrait and landscape viewing.

Display size: up to 30"

Max load: 15lb (7kg)


Arm extends and







adjusts for perfect







positioning and







ergonomic comfort to




Quick release mechanism


help reduce eye, back




Monitor slides onto the pedestal


and neck strain




and can be locked into place


Independent tension





in seconds








adjustment on the arm







Tilt: +80°/-20°








Pan/Swivel: 180°








Rotate: 360°







Portrait or landscape








without removing the
















360º rotation

















Compatible with VESA®





Arm folds back into a


75 and 100mm





compact retracted position

Can be used in laptop configuration with ACC329

Cable Management

Internal cable management keeps cables organized and out of the way

Quick release mechanism Internal cable management

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