La Crosse Technology EH-23GA, EH-23G, EH-23SA, EH 23G, EH 23GA Manual

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La Crosse Technology EH-23GA, EH-23G, EH-23SA, EH 23G, EH 23GA Manual

Analog Watch Instruction Manual

Welcome to the world of radio-controlled timekeeping technology. We hope you will enjoy the convenience of never having to set your watch again and the confidence of knowing exactly what time it is. Your new radio-controlled watch is a special edition produced by La Crosse Technology specifically for E. Howard. It will provide you with years of trouble free, easy operation and the most accurate time in the world.

1.Description of WWVB

The most accurate clock in the United States is the atomic cesium clock located at:

U.S. Department of Commerce

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Boulder, Colorado

Your atomic watch receives time signals on long wave radio (60 kHz) from the NIST operated WWVB time signal transmitter located in Fort Collins, CO and coupled with the atomic cesium clock in Boulder. Until recently, the transmitter was used predominantly by telephone companies, radio and television stations, navigations of planes and ships and for scientific purposes in laboratories. Now this precise signal can be received by the atomic watch technology.

Your atomic watch receives the WWVB time signal via its built-in antenna system. The proper function of the receiver contained in this product has been tested as a prototype with regard to its sensitivity and range of reception in different places throughout the United States.

Any claim for warranty – express or implied – due to the watch’s failure to properly receive the radio signal due to interference, whatever may be the source of this interference, are hereby expressly excluded in all respects. For more information about the WWVBRadio signal please visit the NIST website at:

For actual signal coverage in North America please visit: htm.

The atomic watch’s internal computer processes the received time signals and automatically synchronizes the hands, date and the change over between daylight saving time and standard time as well as the leap year accordingly. The signal reception and synchronization occur automatically every night and manually upon demand.

Even outside of the reception range your atomic watch will continue to keep excellent time. The highly accurate 32 kHz quartz movement will ensure precise time keeping.

2.Functional Description T1 Button (mode):

The T1 button has two functions:

1.Switches the digital display between date (for example 12.19) and seconds (for example 32).

2.Receives the WWVB time signal and synchronizes the time automatically if you press it for longer than 3 seconds.

T2 button (adjust):

Depending on the mode the T2 button either:

1.Indication of adjusted time zone (T2 < 3 sec).

2.Advances the time zone in 1-hour increments when setting the time zones.

3.Advances the hands when manually synchronizing the watch.

3.Synchronizing the Time (signal reception)

The signal reception and synchronization occurs automatically every night. At any desired time you can perform a “manual” reception by pressing the T1 button for at least 3 seconds. The hands will set to the 12 o’clock position (if the hands set to a time other than exactly 12 o’clock they must be repositioned. See under 5. Replacing the battery) during reception and will reset themselves thereafter. Note that your atomic watch will not receive the WWVB time signal if set to a time zone other than Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern standard time.

4.Setting the Time Zone

The time preset by the factory might not be the correct time for the time zone you are in. To set the correct time zone please follow the instructions listed below:

1.Press the T2 button. The digital display will change from displaying the date (for example, 12.19) to displaying the current hour (for example P02 PM). The letter P, M, C or E in front of the digitally displayed hour stands for Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern standard time zone respectively. If no letter is displayed in front of the hour a different time zone has been selected.

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