La Crosse Technology KWS-8140U-IT User Manual

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Indoor Tempe rature/Humidity

Outdoor Tem pe r atu r e

Moon Pha se

Model KWS-8140U-IT | Instruction Manual

Atomic Wall Clock

Outdoor Temperature Transmitter: TX40U-IT


Table of Contents

(32.4mm x 14.1 x 86.5mm)
Atomic Wall Clock 1 Outdoor Temper ature Transmitter: TX40U-IT 1 Features 2 Setup Instructi ons St ep-By-Step 3
915MHz Reception Outdoor Transmitter 3
WWVB Radio-controlled Time Signal 3 Function Buttons 3
Program Menu 4 Time Zone 4 Daylight Saving Time 4 Time Set 4 Calendar Set 5 12/24 Hour Format 5 Fahrenheit /Celsius 5 Exit Program Menu 5
Display Modes 5
Alarm Set 6 Deactivate Alarm 6 Snooze 6
Moon Phase 6
Low Battery 7
Install or Repl ac e Batteries in the Outdoor Transmitter 7
Install or Repl ac e Batteries in the Atomic Wall Clock 7
Position the Atomic Wall Clock 7
Position the Outdoor Transmitter 8
Care and Maintenance 8
Specifications 8
Warranty Information 9
FCC Statement 10
KWS-8140U-IT 2-AA Alkaline batteries
9.17“ x 1.16“ x 8. 30“ (233 x 29.4 x 210.8 mm)
2-AAA Alkaline batteries
1.27" x 0.55" x 3.40"


Wireless outdoor temperature (°F or °C)
Monitors indoor temperatur e (°F or ° C)
Monitors indoor humidity
12 moon phases
Atomic time and date with manual setting
Automatically updates f or Daylight Saving Time (on/off option)
12/24 hour time display
Perpetual calendar
Time zone setting
Time alarm with snooze
Time display: hours, minutes, seconds
Wall hanging or free standing
Setup Instructions Step-By-Step
Step 1:
Sli de the battery cover down and lift off the back of the transmitter.
Insert 2 NEW AAA batteries (not included) i nto the TX40U-IT transmitter. Observe the correct polarity.
Step 2:
Remove battery cover from atomic wall clock: insert a solid object in the space provided at the lower-central position of
the battery cover, t hen push up and pul l out on the battery cover.
Insert 2 NEW AA batteries (not included) into the back of the atomic wall clock. Observe the corr ect polar ity (see
marking inside the battery compartment). The atomic wall clock will display time and indoor t em per ature.
Within 3 minutes the outdoor temper ature should be displayed.
Keep the atomic wall clock and transmitter within 10 feet of each other during setup (15 minutes).
Do Not Mix Old and New Batteries
Do Not Mix Alkaline, Standard, Lithium or Rechargeabl e Bat t eries
915MHz Reception for Outdoor Transmitter The atomic wall clock will receive the temperature data withi n 4 seconds. If the temperature data is not being received 2
minutes after set up (or the display shows “- - -”), then please check the following points:
1. The distance of t he atomic wall clock or outdoor temperatur e transmitter should be at least 6 feet (2 meters) away
from any interfering sources such as computer monitors or TV sets.
2. Avoid placing the rec eiv er onto or in the immediate proximity of met al window frames.
3. Using other el ec trical products such as headphones or speaker s operat ing on the same signal fr equenc y ( 915MHz)
may prevent corr ect si gnal transmission and recepti on.
4. Neighbors using el ec trical devices operating on the 915MHz signal frequency can also cause interference. Note: When the 915 MHz signal is received correctly, do not re-open the battery cover of either the outdoor temperature
transmitt er or atomic wall clock, as the batteries may spring free from the contacts and force a fal se reset. S hould this happen accidentally then reset all units (see SETUP abov e) otherwise tr ansmission problems m ay occur.
The maximum transmission range is 220 feet (60 meters) from the outdoor temperature transmitter to the atomic wall clock (in open space). However, this depends on the surrounding environm ent and interference levels. If no reception is possible despite the observation of these fact or s, all system units have to be reset (see SETUP).

WWVB Radio-controlled Time Signal

The NIST radio station, WWVB, is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado and transmits the exact tim e signal c ontinuously throughout the Unit ed S tates at 60 kHz. The signal can be received up to 2,000 miles away through the internal antenna in the atomic wall cl oc k . However, due to the nature of the Ear th’s Ionosphere, reception is very limit ed during daylight hours. The atom ic wall clo ck will search for a signal every night when recepti on is best. Once the outdoor temper ature is displayed on the atomic wall cloc k, the WWVB tower icon in the at omi c wall clock will flash the top of the LCD. This indicat es that t he atomic wall clo c k has detected a radio signal and i s trying to receive it. When the time code is receiv ed, t he WW VB tower becom es permanently lit and the time will be displayed. If the tower icon fl ashes, but does not set the time or the WWVB tower does not appear at all, then please take note of the following:
Rec om mended distance to any interfering sources like computer monitor s or TV sets is a minimum of 6 feet (2 meters).
Within ferro-concrete rooms (basements, superstructur es), the received signal is naturally weakened. In extrem e cases,
please place the unit cl ose to a window and/or point its front or back towards the Fort Collins, Colorado..
Dur ing nighttime, the atmospheric disturbances are usually less severe and reception is possible in most cases. A single
daily reception is adequate to keep the accuracy devi ation below 1 second. Note: In case the atomic wall cl oc k i s not able to detect the WWVB-signal (disturbances, t r ansmitting distance, etc. ), the time can be manually set (please see Program Menu).

Function Buttons

The atomic wall clock has four easy to use buttons:
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