La Crosse Technology TX6U User Manual

Wireless 433 MHz
Temperature Sensor/Transmitter
Instruction Manual
Hint: Use good quality Alkaline Batteries and avoid rechargeable batteries.
2. Batteries should be out of both units for 10 m i nut es.
3. Place the batteries into the outdoor remote first then into the indoor station.
(All outdoor remotes must be started before the indoor station)
In this time the display and sensor will start to talk to each other and the display will show both the indoor temperature and an outdoor temperature. If the station does not display both temperatures after the 10 minutes please retry the set up as stated above. After both indoor and outdoor temperatures are displayed for 10 minutes you can place your sensor outdoors and set your time.
The remote sensor should be placed in a dry, shaded area. The remote sensor has a range of 80 feet. Any walls that the signal will have to pass through will reduce distance. An outdoor wall or window will have 20 to 30 feet of resistance and an interior wall will have 10 to 20 feet of resistance. Your distance plus resistance should not exceed 80 ft. in a straight line.
NOTE: Fog and mist will not harm your remote sensor but direct rain must be avoided.
Battery Installation:
1. Remove the mounting bracket. The bracket snaps on and off easily.
2. Remove the battery cover, by sliding the cover down.
3. Observing the correct polarity install 2 AA batteries. The batteries will fit tightly (to avoid start-up problems make sure they do not spring free).
4. Replace the battery cover by sliding upwards. Be sure battery cover is on securely.
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