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Model K84322 | Instruction Manual
La Crosse Technology’s Wireless Temperature Station provides you with precise, real-tim e weather data straight fr om your bac k y ar d. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, t r ack t em per ature trends and set customizabl e temper ature alerts easily—all on one convenient device. The Temperature Station features a wireless transmission range of over 200 feet (60 meters) in open ai r from the transmitter to the Temperature Station.
Wireless Temperature Station
Outdoor Temperature Transmitter TX141-A
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Table of Contents
Wireless Temper ature Station 1 Outdoor Temper ature Transmitter TX141-A 1 Table of Contents 2 Features 3 Setup instructions Step-by-Step 3 Troubleshooting 3 Manual Search for Outdoor Transmitter 3 Function Buttons 4 Program Menu 4 Set Calendar 4 12/24 Hour Time Format 4 Set Time 4 Fahrenheit/Celsius 5 Alarm Time 5 Set Alarm 5 Activate/ Deac tivate Alarm 5 Snooze 5 MIN/MAX Readings 5 Low Battery Icon 6 Temperature Al er ts 6 Select Alert Value 6 Temperature Aler ts ON/OFF 6 Temperature Aler t Sounds 6 Temperature Trend Ar r ows 7 Outdoor Temper ature Flashes 7 Install Batteries in the Temperature Station 7 Install batt eri es i n the O utdoor Transmitter 7 Care and Maintenance 7 Position Temperature Station 7 Position Outdoor Transmitter 8 Specifications 8 Indoor Temperature 8 Outdoor Temper ature 8 Power Requirement s 8 Battery Lif e 8 Dimensions 9 Warranty Information 9 FCC Statement 10
4.27”L x 1.48”W x 3.88”H (108 x 38 x 99 mm) 2-AA Batteries TX141-A
1.57" L x 0.79" W x 5.12" H (40 x 20 x 130 mm) 2-AA Batteries
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Calendar (Month/date, 2000-2099 Def ault Year 2012)
Time (hour/minute)
Indoor Temperature
Indoor Temperature Trend
Wireless Outdoor Temperature
Outdoor Temperature Trend
°F/°C selectable
Alarm and Snooze Function
Large 2 inch Outdoor Temperature numbers
Low Battery indic ator for Outdoor Sensor and Station
MIN/MAX Daily Records with auto reset (0:00)
High/Low Temperature Alert for Outdoor Temperature
High/Low/Off Backlight option
Sensor Signal Str ength
S its on desktop or tabletop
Setup Instructions Step-by-Step
Slide the battery cover tab down and pull out to remove the battery cov er.
Insert two new AA batteries (not included) into the back of the Temperature Station. Observe the
correct polarit y ( see marki ng insi de the battery compartment).
The Temperature Station will light up and show, indoor tem per ature.
Do Not Mix Old and New Batteries
Do Not Mix Alkaline, Standard, Lithium or Rechargeabl e B atteries
Ensure that the t r ansmit ter is within 10 feet of the Temperature Station.
Remove battery cover from TX141-A transmitt er. Sli de the bat tery cover down and lift off the front of
the transmitter.
Insert two new AA batteries into the transmit ter. Observe the correct polarity.
Within three minutes the Temperature Stati on will show readings in the outdoor temper ature area on
the LCD. Note: Allow the Temper ature Station and the transmitter to stay wit hin 10 feet of each other for the first 15 minutes of set up.
After the bat teries are inserted, the Temperature Station will search for the outdoor temperature
transmitter for 3 minutes.
The antenna sym bol will flash during reception, and temper ature display will be dashes “---“. No antenna symbol will show during RF (radio frequency) synchroni z ation. If synchronization fails once, the antenna will lose one bar.
If synchronization fails twice, the antenna will lose two bars. If RF (radio frequency ) r ec eption fails five times, the antenna symbol will show:
The antenna will show full display with successful RF (radio fr equenc y ) r ec eption.
Search for Transmitter
If the outdoor temperature is not displayed after three minutes, hol d the SENSO R SEARCH butt on on
the temperatur e station for three seconds to search for outdoor t r ansmitter.
Next remove the bat tery cover from the TX141-A transmitter then press the
TX button to send a signal.
If it still does not r ec eive the outdoor temperature, remov e the bat teries from
both the temperature station and the transmitter for 15 mi nutes repeat setup
instructions from step 1.
The maximum transmitting range in open air is over 200 feet (60 meters). Obstacles such as walls,
windows, stucco, conc r ete and large metal objects can reduce the range.
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