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A highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 2U dual-socket SMP server, for application serving in Web environments

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September 2008

IBM System x3650

Product Overview Outstanding performance, availability and capacity in a 2U rack-dense package


Product Overview

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Suggested uses: Medium to large enterprises with demanding applications in data-dense environments.

Whether you are a small business or a global industry, your mission-critical applications and

1data must be protected. From a simple application to the most complex solution, the dualsocket IBM® System x3650, incorporating IBM X-Architecture features, is designed to

2protect your data with high performance, high reliability and high availability. The x3650


supports the latest quad- and dual-core Intel® Xeonprocessors (including 50W low-voltage

quad-core Xeon processors), designed with up to a leading-edge 1333MHz front-side bus


11(FSB), 64-bit extensions (EM64T), and either 6MB or 4MB (dual-core) or 8MB or 12MB (quad-core) of L2 cache, to help provide you with the computing power you need to match your

12business needs and growth. In addition, the x3650 uses industry-standard fully buffered

13667MHz memory with ChipkillECC (Error Checking and Correcting) protection—for high performance and reliability. For even higher levels of availability, the x3650 also offers a choice


of optional online hot-spare memory or memory mirroring. Dual integrated high-speed Gigabit


Ethernet controllers with TOE (TCP Offload Engine) and Jumbo Frame support are standard,

as are high-performance adapter slots (PCI-E x8 and optional PCI-X/133).

18All models offer impressive scalability, including dual-processor support, up to 48GB of memory and a variety of high-performance internal hard disk and backup drive configurations: up to six

3.5-inch Serial-Attach SCSI (SAS) hot-swap drives with an internal storage capacity of

1.8TB1, or up to six 3.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA) hot-swap drives (6TB), or eight 2.5-inch SAS hot-swap drives (1.17TB). Hardware-based RAID-0/1/10 support is standard. An optional IBM ServeRAID-8k SAS RAID controller adds 256MB of battery-backed cache to the onboard controller to provide three additional RAID levels, including RAID-1E/5/6. The slim 2U size of the x3650 helps you maximize your rack investments. Up to 21 of these servers can be installed in a single 42U rack, for a total of up to 42 processors, offering the ideal balance of performance, storage and I/O slots per rack. Optional Advanced Connectivity Technology (ACT) interconnect cabling helps reduce cable clutter and cost and minimizes installation time when interconnecting many rack-mounted servers.

Standard in the x3650 is a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) that enables the user to manage and control the server easily—both locally and remotely. This high level of manageability is designed to help keep management costs down and the system up. The dropdown light path diagnostics panel enables quick servicing of the system if a problem

develops. These advanced features help maximize network availability by increasing uptime, as do hot-swap/redundant HDDs, power and fans; Active Memory; temperature-controlled fans with Calibrated Vectored Cooling; IPMI 2.0 support, including highly secure remote power control and Serial over LAN; as well as text-console redirect over LAN.

With the inclusion of unique IBM service and support features such as light path diagnostics,

IBM Systems Director, IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager for x86 (formerly known as PowerExecutive), IBM ServerGuideand support for the optional Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine, the x3650 is designed for maximum uptime.

If you need a balance of high-performance dual-socket processing and large internal storage in a rack-dense environment, the x3650 is the ideal system.

1 TB equals 1,000,000,000,000 bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity. Accessible capacity may be less.


Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

A highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 2U dual-socket SMP server, for application serving in Web environments

Selling Features


The x3650 offers numerous features to boost performance and reduce product and operating costs:

Up to two quad- or dual-core Xeon processors with high-end 1333MHz or 1066MHz front side bus and 4MB to 12MB (processor-specific) of integrated Level 2 cache per processor offer superior performance capable of tackling the toughest jobs. 64-bit extensions provide the flexibility to run 32-bit and 64-bit applications concurrently.

Low-voltage processors draw less power and produce less waste heat than high-voltage processors, thus helping to reduce data center energy costs. Some dual-core Xeon processors use only 65W. This is half the wattage consumed by older 130W processors. The 50W and 80W quad-core processors are even more economical, consuming only 12.5W and 20W (respectively) per core, vs. 32.5W per core for the 65W dual-core processors.

Ultra-fast fully buffered 667MHz PC2-5300 DDR II ECC memory with Chipkill protection provides speed and high availability.

Four high-speed PCI-E adapter slots offer potential investment protection by supporting high-performance adapters, such as 10Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand cards, none of which will run in older 33MHz and 66MHz conventional PCI slots.

Integrated ServeRAID-8k-l provides RAID-0/1/10 support at no extra charge and without consuming a valuable adapter slot. RAID-0 offers improved disk performance via data striping; RAID-1 offers disk mirroring for high availability, and RAID-10 combines the benefits of speed and availability.

Up to six 3.5-inch or eight 2.5-inch (depending on the model) hot-swap SAS or six 3.5- inch hot-swap SATA hard disk drives offer high-performance with high availability. The SAS controller provides full-duplex (2 x 300MBps) SAS data transfers, nearly double that of halfduplex Ultra320 SCSI (1 x 320MBps), or half-duplex SATA transfers (1 x 300MBps). 2.5- inch drives consume approximately half the power of 3.5-inch drives.

The integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers with IPMI 2.0 support provide high-speed network communications. Jumbo Frames offer higher efficiency transfers for large data packets.

The TCP Offload Engine (TOE) feature offers higher performance for TCP/IP traffic, with less overhead on the system processor.

A high degree of device integration, including SAS, RAID, dual Gigabit Ethernet, systems management and video controllers, helps to lowers costs and frees up valuable adapter slots.


The x3650 has the ability to grow with your application requirements, thanks to:

A choice of quad-core or dual-core processors with 1.86 to 3.33GHz clock rates, 1333MHz or 1066MHz FSB, and 50W to 120W maximum power draw.

Up to 48GB of high-speed fully-buffered DDR2 system memory.

Four available high-performance PCI-E adapter slots in all models. Optionally, if desired, the riser card containing two of the PCI-E slots can be exchanged for a riser containing two PCI-X/133 adapter slots.

Installing the slotless ServeRAID-8k option upgrades the integrated ServeRAID-8k-l controller with low-cost battery-backed cache to enable even higher-performance hardware RAID support, and offering six RAID levels, including RAID-1E, 5 and 6.

The seven USB 2.0 ports (six external, one internal) are up to 40X faster2 than older USB 1.1 ports. This provides speedy access to external HDDs (non-arrayed), optical drives, tape drives, and other USB devices. Two ports are on the front of the unit and four are on the back. The internal port supports one tape or GoVault EZ backup drive.

An integrated SATA II controller provides support for SATA-based internal backup storage

A choice of up to four internal 3.5-inch HDDs and a backup (internal tape or GoVault) drive, six 3.5-inch HDDs without a backup drive, or eight internal 2.5-inch HDDs and a backup drive—depending on the model—offer a variety of storage options. The 3.5-inch models provide a maximum of 1.8TB of internal hot-swap SAS storage (1.2TB with an internal backup drive installed) or 6TB of internal hot-swap SATA storage (4TB with internal backup drive). The 2.5-inch models support up to 1.17TB of hot-swap SAS storage in addition to an internal backup drive.

Alternatively, iSCSI or Fibre Channel-attached storage can be attached using IBM System Storageor TotalStorage® servers.

2 Data transfer rates may be less than the maximum possible.


Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

A highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 2U dual-socket SMP server, for application serving in Web environments


Powerful systems management features simplify local and remote management of the x3650:

The x3650 includes a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) to monitor server availability, perform Predictive Failure Analysis, etc., and trigger IBM Systems Director alerts. The BMC enables service personnel to use sophisticated diagnostic tools, such as light path diagnostics, to resolve problems quickly.

Integrated IPMI 2.0 support alerts IBM Systems Director to anomalous environmental factors, such as voltage and thermal conditions. It also supports highly secure remote power control using data encryption.

IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager for x86, an IBM-exclusive, is designed to take advantage of new system power management features, by providing power monitoring today, and power capping features later.

Text Console Redirection support allows the administrator to remotely view x3650 text messages over Serial or LAN.

IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management and works with both the blade’s internal BMC and the chassis’ management module. IBM Systems Director comes with a portfolio of tools, including Management Processor Assistant, Rack Manager, RAID Manager, Update Assistant and Software Distribution. In addition, IBM Systems Director offers extended systems management tools for additional server management and increased availability. When a problem is encountered, IBM Systems Director can issue administrator alerts via e-mail, pager, and other methods.

An optional Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine provides additional systems management capabilities, including Web-based out-of-band control; virtual floppy and optical drive support; Windows “blue screen” error capture; LDAP and SSL support; and remote redirection of PCI video, text, keyboard and mouse. It also adds PFA support for fans. And it does all this without consuming a valuable adapter slot.

Availability and Serviceability

The x3650 provides many features to simplify serviceability and increase system uptime:

x3650 servers use fully buffered DDR II DIMMs with Chipkill protection. Chipkill memory is up to 16X better than standard ECC memory at correcting memory errors. This can help reduce downtime caused by memory errors. Fully buffered DIMMs provide additional availability features, including CRC (cyclic redundancy check) monitoring.

The x3650 offers selectable online hot-spare memory and memory mirroring for redundancy in the event of a noncorrectable memory failure.

Toolless cover removal provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts. Similarly, the Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine and the ServeRAID-8k controller can be installed and replaced without tools. This means less time (and therefore less money) spent servicing the server. Also, hot-swap/redundant HDDs, fans and power supplies, as well as online hot-spare and mirrored memory, can mean greater system uptime while components are being serviced.

The drop-down light path diagnostics panel and individual light path LEDs quickly lead the technician to failed (or failing) components. This simplifies servicing, speeds up problem resolution and helps improve network availability.

Integrated RAID-1 disk mirroring and RAID-10 striped mirrored arrays enable the server to keep operating in the event of a failure to any one drive.

IPMI 2.0 supports highly secure remote system power control using data encryption. This allows an administrator to restart a server without having to visit it in person, saving travel time and getting the server back up and running quickly and securely. It also adds new features to those provided by IPMI 1.5, including VLAN support, Serial over LAN, enhanced authentication and encryption algorithms (RMCP+, SHA-1, AES) and a firmware firewall.

Temperature-controlled fans adjust to compensate for changing thermal characteristics. At the lower speeds they draw less power and suffer less wear. Equally important in a crowded data center, temperature-controlled fans produce less ambient noise in the data center than if they were constantly running at full speed.

IBM Thermal Diagnostics allows the administrator to evaluate thermal data on the server without taking the hardware offline. This can provide greater server uptime.

The three-year (parts and labor) limited onsite warranty3 affords you peace of mind and

3For terms and conditions or copies of the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty, call 800-772-2227 in the U.S. In Canada call 800- 426-2255. Telephone support may be subject to additional charges. For warranties including onsite labor, a technician is sent after IBM attempts to resolve the problem remotely. International warranty service is available in any country in which this product is sold.


Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

A highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 2U dual-socket SMP server, for application serving in Web environments

greater investment protection than a one-year warranty does.

Key Features

High-Performance Xeon Processors

The x3650 supports up to two high-performance Intel Xeon processors, allowing you to upgrade to a second processor as business needs require. The x3650 offers a choice of processor clock rates, FSB speeds and energy-efficiency:

120W quad-core Xeon processor models X5450, X5460, or X5470 at 3.0, 3.16, 3.33GHz respectively with 64-bit extensions, a 1333MHz FSB, and 12MB of L2 processor cache (2 x 6MB).

50W quad-core Xeon processor model L5420 at 2.5GHz with 64-bit extensions, ultralow power draw (12.5W per core), a 1333MHz FSB, and 12MB of L2 processor cache (2 x 6MB). Ultralow power processor L5430 at 2.66GHz is supported via CTO.

80W quad-core Xeon processor models E5405, E5420, E5430, E5440 at 2.0, 2.5, 2.66, 2.8GHz (respectively), with 64-bit extensions, a 1333MHz FSB, and 12MB of L2 processor cache (2 x 6MB). Processor E5410 at 2.33GHz is supported via CTO.

65W dual-core Xeon processor model E5205 at 1.86GHz with 64-bit extensions, a 1333MHz FSB, and 6MB of shared L2 processor cache. 80W dual-core Xeon processor model X5260 at 3.33GHz with 64-bit extensions, a 1333MHz FSB, and 6MB of shared L2 processor cache is supported via CTO.

80W dual-core Xeon processor model 5160 at 3.0GHz, with 64-bit extensions, reduced power draw, a 1333MHz FSB, and 4MB of shared L2 processor cache.

Dual-core Xeon processors contain two complete processor cores; quad-core processors, similarly, contain four cores. Some processors contain one unified cache shared by all cores, while other processors have independent caches (one per core or pair of cores). The shared cache is dynamically allocated between the cores as needed. The multiple cores appear to software as multiple physical processors. The dual-core processors offer considerably higher performance than a same-speed Xeon processor with a single core. Likewise, quad-core processors offer considerably higher performance than a same-speed Xeon processor with dual cores.

Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) 64-bit extensions allow the Xeon processor to use large memory addressing when running with a 64-bit operating system. This in turn lets individual software processes directly access more than 4GB of RAM, which was the limit of 32bit addressing. This can result in much higher performance for certain kinds of programs, such as database management and CAD. Additional registers and instructions (SSE3) can further boost performance for applications written to use them. Contact your software providers to determine their software support for EM64T.

The 1066MHz FSB (which connects memory to the processor) boasts a peak rate of 8.53GBps, or up to one-third higher throughput at the same processor clock speed than an 800MHz FSB (6.4GBps) used in older systems. The 1333MHz FSB offers a peak rate of 10.67GBps, or up to two-thirds higher throughput at the same processor clock speed than an 800MHz FSB. This may result in much higher data transfer rates.

Intelligent Power Capability powers individual processor elements on and off as needed, to reduce power draw.

Execute Disable Bit functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.

DDR II ECC Fully Buffered Memory with Chipkill Protection

The x3650 supports up to 48GB of memory in 12 DIMM sockets. Some models include two 512MB DIMMs standard, while others ship with two 1GB DIMMs. The x3650 uses PC2-5300 fully-buffered double data rate II (DDR II) memory (operating at 667MHz) for faster access, and provides Active Memory features, including advanced Chipkill memory protection, for up to 16X better error correction than standard ECC memory.

The fully buffered memory in the x3650 provides up to triple the memory bandwidth (up to 21.3GBps in four channels of PC2-5300 fully-buffered DIMMs vs. a maximum of 6.4GBps in two channels of unbuffered PC2-3200 memory) and up to triple the system memory capacity (12 DIMMs x 4GB) of the predecessor x346 server (8 DIMMs x 2GB). By performing reads and writes simultaneously, it eliminates the previous memory read-to-write blocking latency. In addition, it also offers innovative data reliability and security features to help improve data integrity, including enhanced CRC protection, data retry on error detect and buffer registers for improved fault isolation.

For increased availability, the x3650 offers two additional (but mutually exclusive) levels of IBM Active Memory protection: online memory mirroring, and online hot-spare memory.

Memory mirroring works much like disk mirroring. The total memory is divided into two channels.


Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

A highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 2U dual-socket SMP server, for application serving in Web environments

Data is written concurrently to both channels. If a DIMM fails in one of the DIMMs in the primary channel, it is instantly disabled and the mirrored (backup) memory in the other channel becomes active (primary) until the failing DIMM is replaced. Mirroring can be accomplished with multiples of four DIMMs (one pair per memory channel).

When online hot-spare memory is enabled, using single and/or dual-rank DIMMs one rank is set aside per branch as online spares in case one of the other ranks fails. The spare rank must have capacity at least that of the largest active rank. Up to 40GB (using 12 single-rank 4GB DIMMs) or 44GB (using 12 dual-rank 4GB DIMMs) of memory is available when the hot-spare feature is active. (The lowest-numbered rank of those with the highest capacity in each branch is used for the hot-spares.)

Either of these features requires operating system support.

When multiples of four DIMMs (4/8/12) are installed, the x3650 operates in four-way interleaved mode, for higher performance. When only two DIMMs are used, the system defaults to two-way interleaved mode.

DIMMs must be installed in pairs. Memory is available in kits consisting of two 512MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB DIMMs.

High-Performance Adapter Slots

The x3650 provides four physical x8 (“by 8”) PCI-E (PCI Express) adapter slots standard. Each is capable of supporting x1/x4/x8 adapters. Slot 1 is full-length/full-height and Slot 2 is half- length/full-height. Electrically they are x8 slots as well (meaning that they operate at full x8 4GBps speeds). Slots 3 and 4 are low-profile/full-length slots, wired for x4 speeds (2GBps). This provides the flexibility to use x8 cards in those slots (although running at x4 speeds.) If desired, the riser card containing slots 1 and 2 may optionally be replaced with one that provides two 64-bit (1Gbps) 133MHz PCI-X slots instead, one full-length/full-height and one half-length/full-height.

PCI-Express is a high-performance, low-latency, next-generation serial I/O bus that is rapidly replacing the older parallel PCI and PCI-X buses. A x8 PCI-E adapter offers approximately four times the maximum throughput of a 133MHz PCI-X adapter4. (A x1 adapter offers throughput similar to a 66MHz PCI-X slot.)

Because the SAS, ServeRAID-8k and 8k-l, dual Gigabit Ethernet, systems management and video controllers are integrated onto the system board, the four adapter slots are all available, which offers you a wide degree of latitude in expansion options.

Hot-Swap/Redundant Components

System availability is maximized through the extensive use of hot-swap and redundant components, including:

Redundant memory protection (with Chipkill protection plus, memory mirroring or online hot-spare memory enabled)

Hot-swap, redundant hard disk drives (with RAID-0/1/10 protection standard and RAID-

1E/5/6 optional)

Hot-swap, redundant power supplies (optional)

Hot-swap, redundant cooling fans (optional)

Large HDD Storage Capacity

The x3650 offers a choice of disk storage, supporting up to six (3.5-inch) or eight (2.5-inch) hot-swap high-performance Serial-Attach SCSI (SAS) drives, or up to six (3.5-inch) hot-swap Serial-ATA (SATA) drives:

3.5-inch SAS

15,000 RPMs — 73.4, 146.8 or 300GB (1.8TB maximum)

2.5-inch SAS

10,000 RPMs — 73.4 or 146.8GB (1.17TB)

15,000 RPMs — 73.4GB (587.2GB)

3.5-inch SATA

7,200 RPMs — 160, 250, 500, 750GB or 1TB (6.0TB)

2-5-inch drives not only require less space than 3.5-inch drives, they weigh less, consume half the power, produce less noise, seek faster, and offer increased reliability.

(Note: The use of the internal backup drive option precludes the use of two drive bays, limiting storage to four 3.5-inch HDDs.)

4 Actual throughput will depend on the adapter vendor’s implementation.


Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

A highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 2U dual-socket SMP server, for application serving in Web environments

The hot-swap SAS drives use the Converged Tray for interchangeability with other IBM System xand IBM eServerxSeries® systems. If you need more storage space, terabyte capacities are possible with external direct-attach, NAS and SAN solutions.

Disk/Tape Controllers

All x3650 models include an integrated eight-port Adaptec AIC9580W Serial-Attach SCSI (SAS) controller. This controller supports up to six or eight (depending on the model) internal SAS LVD (low-voltage differential) drives, plus external storage via the SAS port on the rear of the server.

The integrated ServeRAID-8k-l controller offers hardware RAID-0/1/10 support and 32MB of fast PC2-4200 DDR2 cache for those SAS drives. The ServeRAID-8k option adds three additional RAID levels, including RAID-1E, 5 and 6, along with 256MB of cache memory for higher performance, and battery backup, without consuming a valuable adapter slot.

The SAS controller provides data transfer speeds of up to 300MB per second5 in each direction (full-duplex) across the SAS bus, for an aggregate speed of 600MBps, nearly double that of Ultra320 SCSI’s 320MBps (half-duplex) bandwidth. The serial design of the SAS bus allows maximum performance to be maintained as additional drives are added.

Other supported RAID controllers include:

ServeRAID-6M Ultra320, 2-channel, 256MB battery-backed cache, 133MHz PCI-X (2 ports for external SCSI RAID storage)

ServeRAID-6M Ultra320, 2-channel, 128MB battery-backed cache, 133MHz PCI-X (2 ports for external SCSI RAID storage)

The ServeRAID-6M controllers support external SCSI expansion via the IBM EXP400 Storage Expansion Unit.

For external storage, the MegaRAID 8480 controller enables connection to up to four IBM System Storage EXP3000 SAS expansion units (48 HDDs total). It provides RAID-0/1/10/5/50 support and 256MB of onboard cache. Additional external SAS/SATA storage is available using the external SAS port on the system unit, or via one of several supported iSCSI or SAN controllers.

Drive Bays

The x3650 contains either seven or ten drive bays in all, depending on the model. Some models offer six 3.5-inch bays that support hot-swap SAS or SATA drives. This enables up to six slimline (1.0") drives totaling up to 1.8TB (SAS) or 6TB (SATA) to be installed.

An internal half-high DDS5 tape drive or GoVault EZ Drive can be installed in place of two of the HDDs. This offers the confidence of internal tape backup, while still leaving four available drive bays (for a total disk capacity of up to 1.2TB of SAS or 4TB of SATA storage, respectively).

Other models feature eight 2.5-inch bays that support hot-swap SAS drives totaling up to 1.17TB. In addition to the eight 2.5" HDD bays, there is a dedicated bay for a half-high DDS5 tape drive or GoVault EZ drive.

A 24X/10X/24X/8X6 speed (ultraslim, 0.5”) CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive with an IDE interface ships standard in all x3650 servers. No floppy drive is supplied with any model; an external USB floppy drive may be used, if needed.

For still more storage, a direct-attach, iSCSI, or FC SAN external expansion option can be added, using an optional controller.

Backup Devices

The x3650 supports several internal and external backup options. Supported drives include:

36/72 GB DDS-5 Tape Drive (SCSI)

80/120 GB GoVault EZ Drive (SATA)

80/160 GB Half High VS160 Tape Drive (SCSI)

400/800 GB LTO-3 Ultrium Tape Drive (external SCSI)

Dual Gigabit Ethernet Controllers

The x3650 includes two integrated Broadcom BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet controllers with TOE support, as well as load-balancing and failover capabilities, with up to 10X higher maximum throughput than a 10/100 Ethernet controller.

5Data transfer rates depend on many factors and are often less than the maximum possible.

6Variable read rate. Actual playback speed varies and is often less than the maximum possible.


Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

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