Hobart 403 General Manual

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C.S.I. Section 11400
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
chicken breast or pork for stir fry or fajitas; strip cut cooked ham, turkey and cheese for chef salads or garnishes. Available in three sizes:
Extra Wide (3⁄4")Wide (3⁄8")Narrow (3⁄16")
No-Knit Knives - back roller has a non-serrated
solid disc-type knife in every third position which cuts tendons and other tough fibers, producing an excellent product of double
tenderizing without knitting action. Star Knives - used for scoring meat NOTE: Each comes standard with storage holder. Chrome-plated lift-out finish (acceptable to
USDA) is available at extra cost.
403-1 Tenderizer - Tenderizer with interlocks
supplied with Knit-Knife stainless steel blades that cut meat and, at the same time, knit it so firmly together that it will cook as one solid steak.
Specifications, Details and Dimensions on Back.
Lower Profile with Cut-Outs
Meat can be inserted closer to the blades;
operation is easier and faster
Plastic Guides Inside Guard
Guides meat into knives, reduces uninten-
tional folding
Larger Reinforced Magnet Mounting
Reduces breakage
Translucent Guard
Allows operator to view product processing
Variety of Knives Available
Versatility with meats and cheese
Interlock Systems
Won’t feed if guard or motor housing not in
Lift Out Unit Frame
Ease of cleaning, ease of use
Burnished Aluminum Housing
Ease of cleaning
Designed to accommodate pan for
holding prepped product
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