Hobart 5216-D User Manual

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Hobart 5216-D User Manual


5216-0 and 5216-D-HS DELUXE MEAT SAWS

Hobart meat saws Models 5216-0 and 5216-0-HS (twice the blade speed of standard 5216) feature incomparable ease of cleaning. All components which require cleaning are easily removed without the use of tools ... providing access to smooth, crevice-free com­ partments.

The deluxe version of these saws can be maintained in sanitary condition even in environmental conditions conducive to rust and corrosion. The entire base in­ cluding legs, column and carriage sup­ port, the movable carriage, stationary' table and their understructures are made of stainless steel.

Interchangeable upper and lower blade pulleys have double flanges. This as­ sures the blade will not jump or be acci­ dently pulled off. Both pulleys can be submerged in water for cleaning.

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