Danby DWC612BLP User Manual

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Read and follow all safety rules and operating instructions before first use of this product.


Veuillez lire attentivement les consignes de sécurité et les instructions d'utilisation avant l'utilisation initiale de ce produit.


Lea y observe todas las reglas de seguridad y las instrucciones de operación antes de usar este producto por primera vez.


Owner’s Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1-4

•Safety Instructions



•Care and Maintenance


Manuel d'utilisation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5-8

•Consignes de sécurité •Installation •Fonctionnement •Soins et entretien


Manual del propietario . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9-12

•Instrucciones de seguridad



•Cuidado y Mantenimiento

Danby Products Limited, PO Box 1778, Ontario, Canada N1H 6Z9

Danby Products Inc., PO Box 669, Findlay, Ohio, USA 45839-0669



This quality product is warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship, provided that the unit isused under the normal operating conditions intended by the manufacturer.

This warranty is available only to the person to whom the unit was originally sold by Danby or by an authorized distributor of Danby, and is non-transferable.


Plastic parts (ie. evaporator door, door rails, covers and trays are warranted for thirty (30) days only from purchase date, with no extensions provided.

First Two Years

During the first two (2) years , any electrical parts of this product found to be defective, including any sealed system units, will be repaired


or replaced, at warrantor’s option, at no charge to the ORIGINAL purchaser. Consumable parts (ie. light bulbs) are not warranted or


guaranteed for any length of time.

Third Through

During the next three years (3) any part of the sealed system found to be defective (consisting of compressor, condenser, evaporator,

Fifth Year

dryer and all related tubing) will be replaced without charge. The purchaser shall pay for all labour and return freight during this three


year (3) period for repair or replacement of any sealed system components. Any unit being diagnosed as non-functional due to sealed


system failure and warranting an exchange during the existing three (3) years will be subject to an appropriate depreciation or user fee,


including any and all freight charges being levied against the consumer.

To obtain Service

Danby reserves the right to limit boundaries of “In Home Service” due to the proximity of an Authorized Service Depot. Any appliance


requiring service outside the limited boundaries of “In Home Service”, it will be the customer’s responsibility to transport the appliance to


the closest Authorized Service Depot at their own expense. Contact your dealer from whom your unit was purchased, or contact your


nearest authorized Danby service depot, where service must be performed by a qualified service technician. If service is performed on


the units by anyone other than an authorized service depot, or the unit is used for commercial application, all obligations of Danby under


this warranty shall be at an end.

The following clause refers to single and double door refrigerators, supplied with or without a separate freezer section. Nothing within this warranty shall imply that Danby will be responsible or liable for any spoilage or damage to food or other contents of this appliance, whether due to any defect of the appliance, or its use, whether proper or improper.


Save as herein provided, Danby Products Limited (Canada) or Danby Products Inc. (U.S.A.), there are no other warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees, express or implied, made or intended by Danby Products Limited or its authorized distributors and all other warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees, including any warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees under any Sale of Goods Act or like legislation or statue is hereby expressly excluded. Save as herein provided, Danby Products Limited (Canada) or Danby Products Inc. (U.S.A), shall not be responsible for any damages to persons or property, including the unit itself, howsoever caused or any consequential damages arising from the malfunction of the unit and by the purchase of the unit, the purchaser does hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless Danby Products Limited from any claim for damages to persons or property caused by the unit.


No warranty or insurance herein contained or set out shall apply when damage or repair is caused by any of the following:

1)Power Failure.

2)Damage in transit or when moving the appliance.

3)Improper power supply such as low voltage, defective house wiring or inadequate fuses.

4)Accident, alteration, abuse or misuse of the appliance such as inadequate air circulation in the room or abnormal operating conditions, (extremely high or low room temperature).

5)Use for commercial or industrial purposes.

6)Fire, water damage, theft, war, riot, hostility, acts of God such as hurricanes, floods etc.

7)Service calls resulting in customer education.

Proof of purchase date will be required for warranty claims; so, please retain bills of sale. In the event warranty service is required, present this document to our AUTHORIZED SERVICE DEPOT.

Warranty Service

With-In Canada With-In United State

In Home

In Home

Danby Products Limited



Danby Products Inc.

PO Box 1778, 5070 Whitelaw Road,



PO Box 669, 101 Bentley Court,

Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 6Z9



Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A. 45839-0669

Telephone: (519) 837-0920 FAX: (519) 837-0449


Telephone: (419) 425-8627 FAX: (419) 425-8629



















must be grounded.



event of

an electrical short


grounding reduces the risk of electrical shock by providing an escape wire for the electrical current. This appliance is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.

WARNING - Improper use of the grounding plug can result in a risk of electric shock. Consult a qualified electrician or serviceman if the grounding instructions are not completely understood, or if the doubt exists as to whether the appliance is properly grounded.


Use an exclusive wall outlet. Do not connect your wine cooler to extension cords or together with any other appliance in the same wall outlet. Do not splice the cord.


An empty wine cooler is a very dangerous attraction to children. Remove either the gasket, latches, lids or doors from unused appliances, or take some other action that will guarantee it harmless.



You must remove the bottom door support on the bottom left hand side of the unit before you can open the door. (See Fig. A)



Remove the exterior and interior packings, wipe the outside thoroughly with a soft dry cloth and the inside with a wet, lukewarm cloth. Avoid placing the cabinet in a narrow recess or near any heat source, direct sunlight, or moisture. Let air circulate freely around the cabinet. Keep the rear of the wine cooler 5 inches away from the wall.


1.Select a place with a strong, level floor.

2.Allow 5 inches of space between the back of the wine cooler and any adjacent wall.

3.Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating. Heat sources nearby will cause higher electricity consumption.

To avoid vibration, the cabinet must be set level. To start the wine cooler, turn the temperature control to the position corresponding to the desired cooling. The wine cooler temperature will vary depending on the quantity of bottles stored and on the frequency with which the door is opened.


To turn “OFF” the wine cooler permanently, you must disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. There is no “Off” position (setting) available on the electronic control panel. When the wine cooler is not to be used for a long period of time, disconnect the plug and leave the door partially open.

NOTE: Wait 3 to 5 minutes before restarting if operation has been interrupted.

Interior Light

The operation of the interior light is "manually" controlled and does not operate with the opening or closing of the door. To operate the light; manually press the “light” key pad located on the electronic control panel NOTE: Leaving the interior light on for extended time periods, will increase the internal temperature of the cabinet


Your wine cooler is designed with an “Auto-Cycle” defrost system. What is Auto Cycle defrost?

The refrigerated surfaces of the fresh food compartment defrost automatically, during the “off” cycle of the cold control. (thermostat) Defrost water from the fresh food compartment is disposed of automatically, by means of being channeled onto a drip tray located on the compressor. Heat transfer from the compressor causes the defrost water to evaporate.


The electronic LED display on this wine cooler is programmed to display (independently) the following temperature (only) information.

"INTERNAL CABINET TEMPERATURE: This setting is represented by a "steady" state (non-flashing) LED display and is the normal (LED) default setting during operation.

SET OPERATING TEMPERATURE: This setting is represented by a "flashing" LED display and can only be programmed (SET) by pressing and releasing either of the +/- (temperature) keys during operation. NOTE: The set temperature can only be adjusted/set while the LED is in "flashing" mode.



DEFAULT SETTINGS: When the unit is first connected to a 120V/60Hz power supply, (and/or in the event of a power failure) temperature settings automatically revert to the following default settings;

The LED default setting for the internal (cabinet) temperature is the "real time" (ambient) temperature measured at the time the unit is connected or power is restored.

The LED default setting for the set operating temperature is 50ºF / 10ºC. (after a power failure has occurred, the previously set temperature is automatically erased and will have to be re-set)

The LED default setting for temperature selection (ºF/ºC) is ºF. (Farenheight Scale)

SETTING OPERATING TEMPERATURE: To set/change the operating temperature;

1. Press and release either of the +/- (temperature) keys.

The LED display will temporarily reveal the (flashing) set temperature for approximately 5 seconds. (If you fail to set/change the operating temperature within this 5 second period, the LED will automatically revert back and display the internal (cabinet) temperature.

2.Each depression of the +/- key (during flashing mode) will increase the temperature

incrementally by 1º (Temperature ranges between 43ºF ~ 57ºF / 6ºC ~ 14ºC)

3.Each depression of the +/- key (during flashing mode) will decrease the temperature

incrementally by 1º (Temperature ranges between 43ºF ~ 57ºF / 6ºC ~ 14ºC) The operating temperature will "flash" in the LED display for approximately 5 seconds after the selection is made, then revert back to display the internal (cabinet) temperature.

TEMPERATURE SELECTION (ºF/ºC): This unit can display temperatures on the "Farenheight" or "Celsius" scale. Press the temperature selector keypad to alternate between ºF/ºC scale. The "blue" indicator light adjacent to the corresponding mode will illuminate to signify the selection made.


To clean the inside, use a soft cloth and a solution of a tablespoon of baking soda to one quart of water, or a mild soap suds solution, or some mild detergent. Clean the wooden wine racks (shelves) using a lightly dampened cloth then dry throughly with a soft cloth. Clean the outside with a soft damp cloth and some mild detergent or appliance cleaner.

Vacation Time

For short vacation periods, leave the electronic controls at their usual settings. During longer absences,

(a)remove bottles,

(b)disconnect from electrical outlet,

(c)clean the wine cooler thoroughly,

(d)leave door open to avoid possible formations of condensate, mold or odors.

Power Failure

Most power failures are corrected within an hour or two and will not affect the internal temperature of your wine cooler. Try and minimize the number of door openings while the power is off. During power failures of longer duration, take steps to protect your wine.When power is restored, the previously “set” operating temperature is automatically erased and must be re-programmed. (See Setting Operating Temperature)

If You Move

Remove or securely fasten down all loose items inside the wine cooler. To avoid damaging the leveling screws, turn them all the way into the base.

Light Bulb Replacement

To replace the interior light bulb;

Remove the screw holding the light bulb cover, remove cover. Unscrew light bulb. Replace light bulb.

NOTE: This aplliance uses a standard 40 watt appliance bulb only. (available at most local hardware stores) Replacement bulb should not exceed 40watt rating.

Replace light bulb cover. Re-install screw to secure cover.

Cabinet bonderized and acrylic-enameled according to the most modern electrostatic spraying techniques. High-density polyurethane thermal insulation. Magnetic door closure gasket.


Wine Racks:

This unit is equipped with the following wine racks;

8 Wooden Racks (Flat) 6pcs 750ml bottles per shelf.

1 Wooden Rack (Off-Set) 5pcs 750ml bottles per shelf.

1 Wooden Rack (Layered) 6pcs x 2 750ml bottles per shelf.

Total Capacity: = 65 Bottles based on “single” tier stacking. (See Fig. 1)

NOTE: It is possible to increase the bottle capacity of your wine cooler by eliminating 2 “flat” racks and adjusting the 4 middle shelves to accomodate “double” tier stacking.

Total Capacity = 75 Bottles based on “double) tier stacking. (See Fig. 2)

Some Important Rules for the Correct Use of the Wine Cooler

Beverages should be stored in sealed bottles.

Don’t overload the cabinet.

Don’t open the door unless necessary.

Should the wine cooler be stored without use for long periods it is suggested, after a careful cleaning, to leave the door ajar to allow the air to circulate inside the cabinet in order to avoid possible formations of condensate, mold or odors.

DO NOT cover shelves with aluminum foil or any other shelf covering material which may prevent air circulation.

Recommended Temperatures for Chilling Wine

Dry Wines:

9˚C / 48.2˚F -

14˚C / 57.2˚F

Rosé Wines:

10˚C / 50˚F


Red Wines:

13˚C / 55.4˚F

- 14˚C / 57.2˚F

Sparkling Wines:

9˚C / 48.2˚F


Technical and Structural Operation Features

Cabinet bonderized and acrylic-enameled according to the most modern electrostatic spraying techniques. High-density polyurethane thermal insulation. Magnetic door closure gasket.


Danby DWC612BLP User Manual



front mounted controls) For controlling the temperature inside the wine cooler. Turns the motor on/off as soon as the temperature rises /falls above/below the desired cooling level.

2.PLASTIC COATED CANTILEVER SHELVES: Odor resistant, rustproof, and removable for easy cleaning.

3.MAGNETIC GASKET: Tight fitting door seal keeps all the cooling power locked inside. No hooks or latches.

4.TEMPERED GLASS DOOR & INTERIOR LIGHT: Allows easy interior visibility.






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