3Dconnexion SMPW RC Users Manual

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3Dconnexion SMPW RC Users Manual

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless function quick guide 3dx-700049

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SpaceMouse Pro Wireless function quick guide 3dx-700049

1 Product Description


3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wirelss is a motion controller aimed at designers, modelers, animators and graphic artists. Figure 1 shows a picture of the device.

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is designed through both wired and wireless link for use with either right or left hand in addition to the common mouse. With one hand on the motion controller and the other hand on the mouse, performance of 3D applications can be increased considerably. SpaceMouse Pro enables the user to pan, zoom and rotate 3D-models simultaneously, while at the same time editing can be done with the mouse. In addition to that, the Product comes with 15 Programmable buttons which Provide quick access to frequently used commands. The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless incorporates six blue LEDs under the Cap.


The use of the Controller Cap and the functions of all buttons are explained in this section.

1.2.1Controller Cap

The main element of SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is the Controller Cap, which contains a 6 degrees-of-freedom optical sensor that allows the following movements: Horizontal shift in x- direction and z-direction, vertical shift in y-direction, rotational tilt around x-axis and z-axis, plus twist around y-axis. In the same way the user moves the Controller Cap of SpaceMouse Pro, the model moves on the screen. Thus, panning, zooming and rotation can be done simultaneously.

The usage of the Controller Cap can be described as follows:

Horizontal movement in x-direction:

Move the Cap straight right parallel to the desk to pan the model towards the right.

Move the Cap straight left parallel to the desk to pan the model towards the left. Vertical movement in y-direction:

Pull the Cap up away from desk to pan the model upwards.

Push the Cap down to desk to pan the model downwards.

Horizontal movement in z-direction:

Move the Cap straight away from you parallel to desk to zoom out on the model.

Move the Cap straight towards you parallel to desk to zoom in on the model. Turning around y-axis:

Twist the Cap clockwise or counterclockwise to rotate the model correspondingly. Rotational tilt around x- or z-axis:

Tilt the Cap around x- or z-axis to rotate the model around the corresponding axis.

1.2.2Keys labeled “1”, “2”, “3” and “4”

By default, these buttons Provide quick access to the most popular commands of the currently active application. The functions of these buttons can (like all other buttons of SpaceMouse Pro) be edited by the user via the control panel (see section 1.2.4 “Menu” for more details).

1.2.3Modifier Keys: Esc, Alt, Shift, Ctrl

These buttons Provide the same functionality as the identical keyboard functions, with press and hold capabilities. This allows your hand to remain on the controller while typing shortcuts.


This button opens the 3Dconnexion popup menu on the desktop. The popup menu allows the user to easily configure the device.

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