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Congratulations on your purchase of ZALMAN Tech’s TNN 500AF. With TNN500AF, you are now in the world of silent computing. TNN 500AF is the ultimate answer to every computer user’s dream of creating a silent computing environment with total system stability.




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1)Keep this unit away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

2)This unit should be placed on a flat, level, and solid surface.

3)Always shut down the operating system and switch the AC OFF before disassembling.

4)Keep this unit in an upright position when the AC power is ON.

5)Do not place or spill liquids on this unit.

6)Avoid inserting any objects into the system while it is ON.

7)Lower the caster stops to immobilize the unit before using the system.

8)If this unit is to be transported a long distance, place it in the original packing box or a custom made hard case.

9)Do not drop or expose this unit to shock while it is in transit.

10)Store and use out of the reach of children.

11)Check the condition of the product and its components before installation.

If there is a problem with the product and/or its components, please contact the Retailer immediately.


Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. Is not responsible for any damages due to external causes, including but not limited to, improper use, problems with electrical power, accident, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation, or improper testing.


TNN 500AF is the world s first truly noiseless high-end computer case, developed with heatpipe technology, HSC(Heat Source Contact) power technology, High Capacity Extrusion technique, and FMS (Flexible Mounting Structure) design technology by ZALMAN Tech Co., Ltd. The

TNN 500AF package contains a high performance aluminum computer case with an absolutely noiseless cooling solution for the CPU, VGA Card, Power Supply, and Northbridge free of fans, making it ideal for storage servers, workstations, high-end home systems, and sound studio computer systems.

1) Complete Silence

The cooling system does not generate any noise because it does not utilize any fans. Even the HDD noise is blocked out by the sturdy aluminum plates 5 to 7mm thick, achieving completely silent computing.

2) Stability

No Fans in the System

The majority of heat generated inside the system is transferred through heatpipes to the heatsink plates where it is dissipated via natural convection, reducing inflow of dust dramatically. Consequently, this prevents system crashes caused by dust buildup and fan failures (fans last around 20,000 to 50,000 hours).

High-Capacity Aluminum Heatsink Plates for

Natural Convection

Two large aluminum heatsink plates cool heat generating components, such as the CPU and VGA Chipset, through natural convection. Without any moving parts, the TNN 500AF is virtually free of the need for mechanical maintenance, and it is 100% recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.


Heat Transfer via Heatpipes

Virtually ever-lasting heatpipes transfer heat away from the CPU, VGA chipset, and Northbridge chipset preventing system crashes due to over heating.

- CPU Heatpipes

Heat from the CPU is transferred to the heatsink plate through 6 heatpipes each 6 millimeters in diameter. The six heatpipes can transfer up to 150W of heat from the CPU - sufficient for the hottest CPUs on the market. The CPU Block Base is made of pure copper to ensure the highest cooling performance.

- VGA Card Heatpipes

Heat from the VGA Card is transferred to the heatsink plate through 3 heatpipes each 6 millimeters in diameter. The three heatpipes can transfer up to 75W of heat from the VGA chipset - sufficient for the hottest VGA cards on the market.

- Northbridge Heatpipe

Heat from the Northbridge chipset is transferred to the heatsink plate through a single heatpipe, 5 millimeters in diameter. This heatpipe can transfer up to 20W of heat.

Heat Transfer via Rear-mount Thermal Blocks

When the Rear-mount Thermal Blocks are installed on the back-side of the motherboard in line with the position of the FETs (Field Effect Transistor) and the Northbridge chipset, each can lower the FET temperature by 10 to 30 and the Northbridge chipset by 5 to 10 .


High-Efficiency, Fanless Power Supply

The power supply uses high-efficiency FET

components and Heat Source Contact (HSC) technology, eliminating the need for a fan, and

has a 10% higher power conversion efficiency

(80%) rating than conventional power supplies. Heat from the power supply is transferred

directly to the high-capacity heatsink plates,

where it is dissipated by natural convection,

making the power supply free of noise and


-High-capacity active PFC inductors, separate switching transformers for each power rail (+12V, +5V, +3.3V), and 2-FET forward converter design all work to create a superior level of stable power quality.

-Conventional power supplies tend to have lower output voltage due to line-dropping phenomenon. The TNN Power Supply extends the output voltage sensors up to the motherboard connection for +3.3V, +5V, and +12V rails to prevent this, enhancing output voltage accuracy and assuring system stability.

Ripple and noise waveforms at DC output


b)+3.3VDC c)+12V1DC d)+12V2DC e)-12VDC




(42.2mVp-p) (80.8mVp-p) (88.4mVp-p) (98.4mVp-p)



Data above were measured according to INTEL ATX v2.03/ATX12V power supply specs.

Measurement specifications : For each DC output, a bypass made up of one 0.1 F ceramic capacitor and one 10 F electrolytic capacitor is connected and measured with an oscilloscope (input impedance 1M ) at a frequency bandwidth of 20MHz. The waveforms may differ under different measurement conditions.

3) Electricity Conservation

Since TNN 500AF is equipped with a high-efficiency power supply and does not use any fans, it utilizes 10 to 15% less power compared to a conventional computer system under the same configuration.


4) Ease of Use

A latch is installed to prevent component theft.

The Remote Control enables the user to conveniently experience multimedia content and control the PC.

Various I/O ports are provided (Audio,

USB, IEEE-1394, 1394B)

Heatpipe HDD Cooler dissipates heat from the hard disk and reduces vibration transferred to the case.

Four casters (wheels) withstand up to four metric tons of weight in total, and have skid prevention / height adjustment features built in.

The case is structured to easily house up to two ODDs and five HDDs.

Retractable handles are attached for short-range transportation.

5)Shielding from EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference)

The sturdy, thick (5 to 7mm) aluminum case and the EMI Interception Block effectively contain EMI. Even the power supply housing is designed with EMI shielding.

EMI Measurement Data Graphs


Test Results

AMD AMD64 Athlon64 System

Thermal Test (Room Temperature : 25

Fan rpm at Full Load

Power Consumption Test


Configuration of Systems for Testing

Testing Equipment and Programs

CPU Loading Program

CPU Burm (47, High)

Measurement Instrument

Personal Daq/56 (Iotech, Inc.) KIKUSUI PCR 1000L

Temperature Measurement Program

DaqView (Iotech, Inc.)


ZALMAN TNN 500AF User Manual

Intel P4 Prescott System

Thermal Test (Room Temperature : 25

Power Consumption Test


Configuration of Systems for Testing

Testing Equipment and Programs

CPU Loading Program

Maximum Power Program for the Prescott Processor Rev. 1.2

Measurement Instrument

Personal Daq/56 (Iotech, Inc.) KIKUSUI PCR 1000L

Temperature Measurement Program

DaqView (Iotech, Inc.)


1)If the CPU has a higher Thermal Design Power (TDP) rating than an Intel Prescott or an AMD Athlon64 3500+, the Heatpipe Northbridge Cooler and a Rear-mount Thermal Blocks (ZM-RTB1) MUST be installed to cool the Northbridge.

2)To use CPUs with a 100W or higher TDP rating, Rear-mount thermal Blocks Must be installed (one for each FET) on the backside of the motherboard in-line with each FET.

Korean Patent Application #04-82817

Korean Patent Application #03-30358

Korean Design Application #03-19970

International patent applications pending in the EU, USA, Japan and 30+ other countries



1) Heatpipe CPU Cooler Parts [One(1) Bag]

1) Components for Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 478)

One (1) Socket 478 CPU Clip

Two (2) Socket 478 Finger Bolts (M3X52)

Four(4) PH M4X22 bolts

Two (2) Socket 478 Clip Supports

2) Components for Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 775)


Socket 775

Clip Support

Two (2) Socket 775 Finger Bolts (M3X49)


Socket 754

Back Plate

Four (4) PH M3X22 Bolts

3) Components for AMD Amd64 (Socket 478)

Two Socket 754 Finger Bolts (#6-32X40)

Two (2) Socket 754 AMD Nipples

2) Heatpipe VGA Cooler Parts [One(1) Bag]


Four (4) VGA Finger Bolts A (M2.5)


Eight (8) Ram Heatsinks


Four (4) VGA Springs


Four (4) VGA Finger Bolts B (M3)

VGA Block A/B & Cover [one(1) Each]

Paper Washers

3) Heatpipe Northbridge Cooler Parts [One(1) Bag]


Block Base

Block Cover

Thermal Pad

Two (2) Common Finger Bolts


Heatpipe HDD Cooler

5) Rear-mount Thermal Blocks



One (1) ZM-2HC2 Set







One(1) ZM-RTB1 Set (8 Blocks)



[One(1) Bag]





Five (5) Ground Wires


Twenty Four (24) FH #6-32X7 Bolts


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