ZALMAN RWB1 User Manual

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ZALMAN RWB1 User Manual

(English version)



for Higher Water Cooling Performance

Please visit our website video for easy installation.

Please read this manual thoroughly before The specifications of this product and its com improve performance.


leakage outside and away from the system before installing it on the system. leakage, proceed with installation and use.

mixed with distilled water or refined water to prevent corrosion. listed under the compatibility list.

Geforce 7800/7900 series and ATI 1800/1900 series.

components of the VGA card is encountered, then do not install this product. with this manual.

fan for the back of the case is recommended for enhancing product performance. coolant must be completely drained, and the GWB3 must first be removed and


is not responsible for any damages due to external causes, including but not limited with electrical power, accident, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation,

1)Zalman’s innovative manufacturing technology provides lightness in weight and excellent cooling performance.

2)Pure aluminum-base material water block provides excellent heat transfer, and anodized base prevents corrosion.

3)New mounting structure allows easy installation and wide compatibility range.


X 12(H)mm

Inner) : 13 x 9mm, 12 x 8mm, 11 x 8mm, 10 x 8mm

7800/7900 series and ATI 1800/1900 series


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