Pioneer KURO KRP-500P, KURO KRP-600M, KURO KRP-500M, KURO KRP-500A User Manual

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Don’t just watch, don’t just listen, be transformed. be consumed. Be changed mind, body and soul by experiences so intense

they alter everything forever.

By colours so vibrant they twist the very fabric of your being. By sounds so pure they you don’t just hear them, you become them. By a world so real, so rich, so pure, so beyond anything you’ve ever experienced it surrounds your senses, takes hold of your emotions, shatters your expectations and nothing will ever be the same.

There’s a fascinating, enthralling world available to you.

A world where the highest expressions of sight and sound finally come together and awaken your senses — elevating them to a new level of consciousness. A world where emotions are built with feelings so deep that tears fall like lead, fear rages like wildfire, and passions swell like a rising flood.

And in this world, every experience you’ll ever have is like nothing you’ve ever known before. That’s because everything that exists in that world comes from an insatiable drive for perfection and an uncompromising attention to detail.

We should know — we built this world.

KURO, Adj. Black: Being of the achromatic colour of maximum darkness: Origin: Japanese.

When we set out to make a new display, our engineers sought to create the most immersive, experiential, emotionally powerful television experience possible. Period. Because we understand the passion

that goes into producing amazing images, sounds, emotions and art, and we share it.

So we started from scratch and dedicated ourselves to making

a truly revolutionary display that reproduces what the artist originally intended. And that meant, above all, achieving the blackest blacks imaginable.

Because when it comes to TV, black is everything. Black is the canvas. Black is the foundation. Black gives each colour greater definition, additional shades, more depth and the sharpest details. In red. In green.

In blue, and everywhere in between. A truly black black breathes life into

colour and forever changes the way you think about TV.

KURO Flat Panel Display


And black, as you might expect, is at the very heart of what this television is all about.

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Pioneer’s New KURO Flat Screen TV

“PDP-LX6090”forEurope is awarded

2008-2009Best Product in European

Plasma-TVcategory from European

Imaging and Sound Association.

KURO Flat Panel Display

KURO Flat Screen TV












*KRP-500Awith standKRP-TS02and side speakerKRP-S03

*Images inside television screen are simulated.


Experience the True Black of KURO

Deeper Blacks for a More Vivid Picture

KURO, Japanese for "black," takes flat panel TVs to a new level of performance with the richest, deepest blacks yet achieved. This was made possible by the latest innovations in our plasma technology, together with the development of a new video processor. Why did we work so hard to reach these black levels? Because we know that only the deepest blacks can create the highest picture quality. Our new plasma display panels are "built for emotion" — offering you a new dimension of dramatic, realistic visual entertainment.

Advanced Plasma TV Technologies

Pioneer developed Crystal Emissive Layer technology to achieve deep black reproduction, and for our latest plasma panels, we’ve made it even better. We also refined the structure of the light emitting cells and employed a new electron source material to speed up the discharge rate in order to prevent spark discharge during black reproduction. As a result, we succeeded in reducing the minimum brightness to one-fifthof previous models. This enables the highest contrast ever achieved in the industry, so you can enjoy truly a vibrant and natural picture, even during dark scenes.

Previous Panel


New Panel





























ImagewithIdlingLuminance Dark




























KURO Improves Colour Performance

Deeper Blacks Mean More Vivid Colours

When blacks are deep and solid, colour reproduction also improves, with colours standing out sharply and brilliantly. Even at low brightness levels, the three primary colours of red, green, and blue are deeply and vividly produced, meaning that in night-timeor shadowy scenes, colours will stand out beautifully without being assimilated into the darkness.

New Direct Colour Filter

The colour filter is also a key element determining picture quality. Pioneer’s proprietary high performance filter, the New Direct Colour Filter, effectively reduces reflections, ensuring solid blacks, optimum contrast and brilliant colours regardless of the light conditions—frombright sunlight to dark home theatre rooms. It also cuts annoying glare. All Pioneer PDP models use New Direct Colour Filters that provide enhanced chromatic purity for superior colour reproduction.

Conventional Plasma Image

KURO Image

Conventional Plasma Panel






Glass Filter























KURO Panel

New colour Filter










Direct image


display with



no glass or


air layer



Optimum Picture and Sound Quality, Automatically

New Optimum Mode

Pioneer’s exclusive New Optimum Mode automatically analyses the type of images being displayed and uses a Room Light Sensor to monitor the ambient brightness. The KRP-500Aalso accepts the optionalKRP-SE01colour sensor for monitoring the colour of thelighting.Basedontheinformationreceived,parametersettings areoptimisedsoyouenjoythebestpossible

picture no matter when you're watching or whether you’re watching movies, concerts, sports or other types of content. Even if the room brightness changes, you still get optimumpicturequality.

Adjusts for Best Sound Also

The New Optimum Mode not only optimises picture quality, it also adjusts for best sound quality to match the genre you are viewing.Basedon theresults of analysing thesourcecontent,it performs detailed sound adjustments using SRS, SRS FOCUS, SRS TruBass and SRS Definition. The result is sound that accentuates the excitement of the visual images. When watching a movie, you hear sound like you would hear in a movie theatre, and whenwatchingaconcert,youheardynamicandenergeticsound.

New Optimum Mode

Room Environment Analysis

The room light and room colour (temperature) changes throughout the day




IncandescentLamp NoLighting

Contents Analysis

Optimum Mode automatically detects the contents from picture



PictureAnalysis colourAnalysis











Optimum Mode automatically adjusts picture and sound for various content categories




Automatically adjusts for the most suitable and pleasing picture

and sound under any environment

Highsoundqualityspeakerunits (Left:woofer,right:tweeter)


Network and E-mailFunctions

By connecting the monitor to a PC via a LAN connection, you can fine-tunethe picture quality on a web browser, and also transmitRS-232Ccommands. AnE-mailfunction lets you send a variety of status information to an address you have set. You can send panel usage time, internal temperature, input signals, and problem notifications. It's a sophisticated way to monitor and control the picture quality of your monitor.






Detailed Image Control(KRP-600M/500M)

120-IncrementImage Tuning

These models offer a number of precise tuning functions generally found on professional monitors: 5-stepgamma adjustment, andextra-fine120-incrementvideo adjustments including brightness and colour. You can perform these adjustments by switching the image at the push of a button to check the effects before and after tuning. You’ll enjoy the ability to delicately control colour nuances, image textures, and so on.

Fine-detailtuning of colour and contrast.

5-stepgamma adjustment

120-stepbrightness/colour/tint adjustment

120-stepadjustment of 6 parameters for RGB high and low

New, More Efficient OSD

The new Pioneer OSD lets you display more information with fewer operations. Designed to minimise the number of levels and make them more uniform, it lets you easily perform detailed adjustments, while quickly displaying menus and functions. You have a choice of 15 display languages.



Ultra-clearSound, Including Dialogue

Pioneer’s tradition of high sound quality, from deeply powerful bass to clear and sharp highs, is used to full advantage in t h e s e T V s . M o v i e dialogue, even when whispered, as well as the wide range of other delicate sounds, are always heard clearly. The power, tension, presence, and rhythmic f e e l o f m o v i e s a n d concerts are faithfully r e p r o d u c e d t o a d d greater excitement to the high resolution images.

Optimise the Sound to Match the Content

Low impedance

Low distortion


thin custom coil

You can set and memorise parameters for optimum s o u n d q u a l i t y w i t h various picture modes, such as Movie mode and

Director mode. Each sound effect can be varied through four steps. You also get AVC (Auto Volume Control) that maintains the volume at a constant level even when the source volume varies (so you are not bothered by loud commercials).

Blends into Your Interior

Elegantly Thin at Only 64mm

KURO TVs enhance your interior not only with their beautiful images, but with their refined, elegant form. With a thickness of only 64mm, they are naturally lightweight as well. When hung on a wall, they can be mounted so they seem to be integrated with the wall surface, at a distance from the wall of only 89mm*. You will appreciate how they beautifully blend into your living space.

* KRP-600Mwhen installed usingKRP-WM01wall mount unit.

Less Element Design

These KURO models embody Pioneer’s Less Element Design concept: absolutely minimising elements not needed for viewing. T h e y h a v e a l o g o w h i c h disappears if the surroundings become dark and which creates a

calm atmosphere in the viewing space, a frame made of luxurious material, and other unique KURO finishings. And by making the back panel simpler and flatter, the overall form is refined.


By connecting the KURO TV with a new LX A/V receiver and the LX Blu-rayDisc player, KURO LINK lets you operate the whole system’s basic functions, such as power on/off and playback through KURO’s remote control.

HDMI On-ScreenControl


A/V Receiver










Blu-rayDisc Player



Remote Control


Pro Adjust Menu

Witness perfection

You are a witness. To visions never before seen. To heaving oceans tossing massive schooners about like a child’s toys. To blazing white mountaintops that pierce an azure sky. To the menace of a runaway train.

To colours so rich, so detailed, all your senses come alive.

You are a witness. To a breed of Blu-Rayplayer that was designed from the ground up to be completely, absolutely, utterly transparent. So you experience images in their pristine form. Just as they were filmed,

just as they were mastered. Just as the director intended.

You are transported. By visions so beautiful you hear them, you taste them, you feel them. You are witness to the dawn of a new age of images that lift you out of your reality,

and plunge you headfirst into worlds you have never imagined. The Blu-Rayrevolution is upon us, and nothing will ever be the same.

Blu-rayDisc Player

Blu-rayDisc Player