NEC SigmaBlade B120a-D, SigmaBlade B120a, Express5800-R120a-2, Express5800-R120a-1, Express5800-A1080a User Manual

License Acquisition Procedure
The activation code is written on the license sheet that came with the product. To use the product, the activation code must be registered at the VMware website to obtain a serial number. This serial number is essential to use the product. To obtain the serial number, perform the following procedure.
Step 1: Logging in to the activation code registration system
registering, be sure to specify the same information that was used to order the product.
If you have not registered at the VMware website, click this button to do so.
1/11 856-128437-206-A
* Notes on registering a user account if not yet registered
Note the following when registering an account profile:
Enter only alphabets and numbers in the Registration Information fields. * Do not use special characters (such as commas and periods).
Enter all the information necessary to register a profile (all the items indicated by red asterisks).
2/11 856-128437-206-A
Step 2: Registering the activation code
Enter the activation code here.
When the window for entering the activation code is displayed, enter the activation code on the license sheet that came with the product. Next, click the Continue button.
* Up to 20 activation codes can be entered at the same time. * The activation code has 25 digits and must be entered in the following format:
3/11 856-128437-206-A
Step 3: Registering the email address
Enter the email address to which you want the serial number sent. The email address must have the same domain as the email address used to log in. Next, click the Continue button.
Enter the email address.
4/11 856-128437-206-A
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