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NEC Versa S900 Disassembly Manual
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This document contains step-by-step disassembly instructions for the Versa S900 chassis. The instructions are illustrated where necessary with images of the part that is being removed or disassembled. Furthermore, the screws that are removed are shown next to the image of the parts themselves.
NEC reserves the right to make changes to the Versa S900 chassis without notice.

Technician Notes

Only technicians authorized by NEC Computers International BV should attempt to repair this equipment. All troubleshooting and repair procedures are detailed to allow only subassembly/module level repair. Because of the complexity of the individual boards and subassemblies, no one should attempt to make repairs at the component level or to make modifications to any printed wiring board. Improper repairs can create a safety hazard. Any indication of component replacement or printed wiring board modifications may void any warranty or exchange allowances.

Disassembly Instructions

When disassembling the system unit, follow these general rules:
Do not disassemble the system into parts that are smaller than those specified in the instructions. Label all removed connectors. Note where the connector goes and in what position it was installed. Turn off the power and disconnect all power and all options.

Reassembly Instructions

Reassembly is the reverse of the disassembly process. Use care to ensure that all cables and screws are returned to their proper positions. Check that no tools or any loose parts have been left inside the chassis. Check that everything is properly installed and tightened.

Required Tools

All disassembly procedures can be performed using the following tools:
Tweezers Small Philips screwdriver #0, #1 Small Flat screwdriver Ø 1.4 mm, 2.0 mm Spacer screwdriver Ø 5 mm
NEC Versa S900 Disassembly Manual
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Hazardous Voltage

There is hazardous voltage present inside the computer when it is connected to an AC supply, even when the computer’s power switch is off. Exposure to hazardous voltage could cause personal injury. To avoid risk of injury, contact an Authorized Service Provider for proper (un)installation of optional hardware devices.

Avoid Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic electricity can easily damage circuit cards and integrated circuits (ICs). To reduce risk of damage, store them in protective packaging whenever they are not installed in your system.
Add-in cards can be extremely sensitive to ESD and always require careful handling. After removing the card from the computer, place the card flat on a grounded, static-free surface, component-side up. Use a conductive foam pad if available, but not the card wrapper. Do not slide the card over any surface.
Before you install or remove memory modules, video memory, disk drives, circuit cards or other devices, protect them from static electricity. To do so, make sure your computer’s power switch is OFF. Then, unplug the computer’s AC power cord. Before picking up the device you (un)install, you should wear an anti-static wrist wrap (available at electronic supply stores). Be sure to connect the wrist wrap to an unpainted metal portion of the computer chassis. As an alternative, you can dissipate electrostatic build-up by touching an unpainted metal portion of the computer chassis with one hand. Then touch the device you are (un)installing with the other hand, and maintain continuous contact with it until it is (un)installed in the computer.

Power Supply Unit

Under no circumstances should you attempt to disassemble the power supply. The power supply contains no user­serviceable parts. Inside the power supply are hazardous voltages that can cause serious personal injury. Always return a defective power supply to your dealer.
Ensure that the computer is disconnected from its power source and from all telecommunications links, networks, or modem lines whenever the chassis cover is removed. Do not operate the computer with the cover removed.
Assurez-vous que le système est débranché de son alimentation ainsi que de toutes les liaisons de télécommunication, des réseaux, et des lignes de modem avant d’enlever le capot. Ne pas utiliser le système quand le capot est enlevé.
Das System darf weder an eine Stromquelle angeschlossen sein noch eine Verbindung mit einer Telekommunikationseinrichtung, einem Netzwerk oder einer Modem-Leitung haben, wenn die Gehäuseabdeckung entfernt wird. Nehmen Sie das System nicht ohne die Abdeckung in Betrieb.
Asegúrese de que cada vez que se quite la cubierta del chasis, el sistema haya sido desconectado de la red de alimentación y de todos lo enlaces de telecomunicaciones, de red y de líneas de módem. No ponga en funcionamiento el sistema mientras la cubierta esté quitada.
Zorg er voor dat alle verbindingen van en naar de computer (stroom, modem netwerk, etc) verbroken worden voordat de behuizing geopend wordt. Zet de computer nooit aan als de behuizing geopend is.
Prima di rimuovere il coperchio del telaio, assicurarsi che il sistema sia scollegato dall’alimentazione, da tutti i collegamenti di comunicazione, reti o linee di modem. Non avviare il sistema senza aver prima messo a posto il coperchio
NEC Versa S900 Disassembly Manual
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Removing the Battery

Perform the following steps to remove the battery:
1. Make sure the notebook is powered off.
2. Close the lid of the notebook
3. Turn the unit upside down
4. Unlock the battery and slide it out of its place as shown here (Fig. 1 ).
Fig. 1 Removing the Battery

Removing the Versa Bay IV Module

To remove the Versa Bay IV module, first remove the battery (see Removing the Battery), then perform the following steps:
1. Push the Versa Bay IV Lock and hold it in position as shown in (Fig. 2 ).
2. Pull the Versa Bay IV module out of the system.
Fig. 2 Removing the Versa Bay IV Module
NEC Versa S900 Disassembly Manual
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Removing the Memory Module

To remove the memory module, first remove the battery (see Removing the Battery), then perform the following steps:
1. Unscrew the one screw holding the memory cover in place (Fig. 3 )
Fig. 3 Removing the memory cover
2. Pull apart the retaining clips in order to release the memory module.
3. Take the memory module out of its location and put it aside.

Removing the Wireless Mini PCI Card

To remove the wireless mini PCI card, first remove the battery (see Removing the Battery), then perform the following steps:
1. Unscrew the one screw holding the cover of the mini PCI card in place (Fig. 4 ).
Fig. 4 Removing the cover of the mini PCI card
2. Disconnect the antenna wires marked in Fig. 5 .
NEC Versa S900 Disassembly Manual
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