Kalmar Drt450 Service Manual

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Kalmar Drt450 Service Manual

Kalmar reachstackers


Performance and durability in one

Keeping your business on the move.

Container handling with a Kalmar DRT Reachstacker is one of the most flexible handling solutions whether you operate in a small one-unit terminal or a medium sized port.


The DRT Reachstacker comes in one powerful model with the same combination of high performance, comfort and reliability as all Kalmar Reachstackers.

Kalmar DRT Reachstacker has been developed to meet the demands from the growing markets. It offers a safe container handling with a high level of cost efficiency together with the renowned Kalmar quality.

Kalmar launched its first Reachstacker in 1985, since then more than 8.000 Reachstackers has been produced. The long experience and expert knowledge makes Kalmar the obvious choice when it comes to Reachstackers.

The DRT can handle loaded containers quickly and efficiently in narrow spaces, while still ensuring that the driver has optimum visibility.

Strong and well-proven diesel engines, automatic transmissions and drive axles with Wet Disc Brakes (WDB). For instance the electronically controlled transmission allows comfortable, efficient and safe driving at all speeds as well as operating the lifting equipment with high precision.

Both the working hydraulics and the brake system are equipped with separate oil tanks, oil coolers and oil filters to keep the oil good condition even in the toughest ambient conditions.

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