JAMO JAV-61 User Manual



WARNING: Improper installation could result in damage to the amplifier. Read all instructions before installation.

JAMO JAV-61 User Manual


The JAV-61 is a low noise, low distortion unity gain distribution amplifier for line level stereo audio and video baseband signals.

It splits audio and video signals six ways with no signal loss.

It prevents audio distortion in multiple zone systems by buffering the source units from the loading effects of several AV receivers or preamps.

The space saving “flat pack” design allows great flexibility in mounting and positioning.

JAV-61 panel description

1.INPUT jacks. Connect to the corresponding output jacks of the source component (DVD, VCR, CD player, Tuner, etc.).

2.16V DC supply Jack and Power indicator LED. The 16 VDC 300 mA power supply (included) is plugged in here. The LED will light when power is applied.

3.OUTPUT jacks. Connect to the corresponding input jacks of AV receivers, preamps, TV monitors, VCRs, etc.

4.Mounting holes.

Typical applications


Fig. 1 shows the distribution of video (baseband) and stereo audio signals to three TV monitors where two of them have connected a VCRs from a single DVD player via the JAV-61. Many other combinations of AV or audio only products could be configured in a similar manner.

FIG. 1

Audio/Video distribution

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