JAMO PRO-OE4BS User Manual

JAMO PRO-OE4BS User Manual


Transmitter Programming Guide

This transmitter makes use of icons (symbols) to identify the reaction your system will have when any icon (button) is pressed. These icons are programmed at time of installation to meet the needs of the individual and to complement the vehicle that the system is installed in. To replace a transmitter or add transmitters, please follow the programming instructions listed on the pages of this manual.









Lock and arm.


Also remote panic if alarm system is installed



Unlock and disarm.

2 With 2 step unlock option, press a second time for all doors.

Remote panic if alarm system is installed

Press and hold for optional trunk release 3 activation, press 2 times to activate remote





Press and release for optional device, press


and hold for extended output.








NOTE: Additional devices or a second vehicles may be programmed to operate by pressing a combination of buttons shown below, check with your installation center for programming these additional functions or features.

GLock + Unlock


GLock + Unlock + Opt.







GLock + Trunk




GLock + Unlock + Trunk



GUnlock + Trunk


GUnlock + Opt. + Trunk








GLock + Opt.




GLock + Opt + Trunk












GUnlock + Opt.




GLock + Unlock + Trunk + Opt.




Released 9-8-00.


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Some of the more popular options available for the unused Option Button of your transmitter are:

AS 9554 Remote Garage Door Interface

AS 9153 Remote window roll up

AS 9256 Remote trunk release relay


NOTE: It is important to remember that during the programming mode, each individual step must be completed within 15 seconds of the previous step. If the 15 second time limit expires between steps, the unit will automatically exit the program mode. This is indicated by a long chirp from the siren.

Non alarm models will flash the parking lights only to confirm the transmitter code has been learned and stored.

Also understand that the lock and the unlock buttons used in combination after arming are preassigned for the shock sensor defeat function. Do not attempt to use this combination of buttons for any other purpose.

NOTE: In addition to the LED flash patterns listed below, If you are programming the transmitter to an alarm system, the siren will also chirp. If you are programming to a keyless entry system, the interior and or parking lights may also flash.


1)Enter the vehicle, and turn the ignition switch to the on position.

2)Press and release the valet push-button program switch 3 times.

3)The dash mounted LED will flash 1x indicating that the system is ready to accept programming for arm/lock, receiver channel #1.

4)Press and hold the lock symbol button of the transmitter you wish to program for 4 seconds or until a long chirp is heard from the siren, or the interior/parking lights turn flash.



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