JAMO IW 626 LCR User Manual

JAMO IW 626 LCR User Manual

Jamo IW 626 LCR delivers high-fidelity sonic thrills

As the name indicates, IW 626 LCR can be used as left, centre and right front-speaker as part of a powerful surround system. With one or more discreetly built into the wall around your flat-screen TV or projector screen, you can be sure that sound quality will always be on a par with your picture quality. The speaker is equipped with C 600 series technologies and components. Additionally, you can focus the sound around your listening position, as the speaker has directional treble and midrange frequencies. IW 626 LCR is a powerful 3-way speaker with two 165mm/6½in woofers.

The speaker’s plastic ‘bridge’ make installation very easy as you can safely use this as a handle leaving your other hand free for holding a drill, screwdriver etc. The speaker is a one-piece item which means that you only needs to make one visit to the customer to mount it. The grille covers the whole of the speaker which makes painting the product both simpler and quicker as you don’t need to paint the speaker itself.


IW 626 LCR


3-way in-wall

Woofer (mm / in)

2 x 165 /6½

Midrange (mm / in)


/ 1½

Tweeter (mm / in)


/ 1 DTT

Power (W long / short term)


/ 160

Frequency Range (Hz)


- 22,000

Impedance (Ohm)

4 - 8 switchable

Hole dimension HxWxD (mm / in)

530 x 200 x 97 / 20.9 x 7.9 x 3.8

Dimensions HxWxD (mm / in)

562 x 232 x 107 / 22.1 x 9.1 x 4.2

Back box size (Litre/in3)


/ 1340

Weight (kg / lb)

3.5 / 7.7


White (paintable)

Soundwise, IW 626 LCR is comparable with C 607 and C 60 CEN.