Jamo IF3 Owner's Manual

WARNING: Improper installation could result in damage to the
emitter. Read all instructions before installation.
The IF-3 is a emitter assembly, that contain a small infrared LED
housed in a miniature, black, injection moulded plastic shell.
It emits control signals in the form of invisible infrared (IR) light when
activated by IR commands sent to it by IR receivers or other Jamo
It is designed to be installed directly on the IR sensor windows of a
controlled device. (ea. a CD player)
Attaching the emitter to IR sensor window.
The emitter has a clear adhesive layer on the bottom flat surface of
the shell. The rounded side faces the user and emits invisible IR light
as well as the flat surface when a command is sent. Simply peel off
the protective cover and affix the emitter to the IR sensor window
on the controlled devices front panel.
In some cases it may be difficult to find the location of the IR sensor
on the device. Consult the ownerÓėęs manual of such unit, or the
manufacturer, for the exact IR windows location.
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