JAMO IW 827 LCR User Manual

JAMO IW 827 LCR User Manual

Jamo in-wall delivers high-fidelity sonic thrills

Delivering flagship standard sound quality from in-wall speakers is a challenge, but Jamo believes it has achieved just that with its new Concert-series derived Jamo IW 827 LCR.

Specifically designed for LCR use this speaker is equipped with optimized drivers hailing from the Jamo C 800 series and therefore makes use of all Jamo’s core technologies. These include Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT), WaveGuide, Hard Conical Cones (HCC), Active Impedance Correction (AIC) and solid aluminum woofer/midrange Centre Plugs.

The IW 827 LCR is a 2½ way system with a 180mm/7in woofer positioned above a 25mm/1in tweeter while a 180mm/7in woofer/midrange sits underneath. This layout ensures great vertical dispersion of sound without the midrange cancellation effect of a regular 2-way LCR woofer-tweeter-woofer layout. As a result the optimal listening angle of the IW 827 LCR is directed slightly downwards which means the speaker can be placed next to a flat screen TV or otherwise relatively high on the wall.

For ease of installation and maximum sound quality the optional sealed back-box has been divided in two separate but identical sealed boxes, both lined with damping material. The crossover features high-grade components, carefully positioned and mounted on a thick fiberglass PCB – equipped with gold-plated, heavy-duty push terminals - to give crystal clear high frequencies and a pure, distortion-free bass.


IW 827 LCR


2½-way in-wall

Woofer (mm / in)


/ 7

Midrange (mm / in)


/ 7

Tweeter (mm / in)

25 / 1 DTT

Power (W long / short term)


/ 360

Frequency Range (Hz)

50 - 24,000

Impedance (Ohm)



Weight (kg / lb)

8.3 / 18.3

Dimensions HxWxD (mm / in)

595 x 270 x 100 / 23.4 x 10.6 x 3.9