JAMO JSS4-TS User Manual

JAMO JSS4-TS User Manual


WARNING: Improper installation could result in damage to the amplifier. Read all instructions before installation.


Your JSS4-TS speaker selector allows simultaneous operation of up to 4 pairs of 8 Ohm speakers. Automatic load protection circuits assure that the amplifier will always “see” a load of 4 Ohms or higher no matter what combination of speaker is turned ON. The built-in protection circuit operates with switch pairs, permitting hookup choices for maximum power to your most frequently used speakers (up to 2 pairs). More information will be found under INSTALLATION below.

The left and right channels are completely separate to assure safe operation with any type of amplifier, including those with isolated grounds (bridging outputs).

Other features include power handling capability of up to 155 watts per channel.


When any speakers are turned on resistance is inserted in series with them in order to keep the amplifier load at 4 Ohms or higher. Coupling to any speaker is always direct when only one switch in “ON”

The JSS4 rubber feet provide a non-marring, stable mount to permit convenient placement. Allow room for adequate ventilation around the switch box, it can become quite warm if operation at high power with the productive resistors switched in. Do not place on surfaces easily damaged by heat.

The JSS4 front panel buttons all operate in the same manner, push to turn ON, push again to turn OFF. The switch is ON when pushed in closest to the JSS4 front panel.

Caution: Do not apply audio power in excess of 155 watts per channel when the internal impedance matching resistors are switched in! DAMAGE TO COMPONENTS CAUSED BY EXCESSIVE POWER APPLICATION IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.

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