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AEG-Electrolux offer a vast range of stylish hobs. Gas on glass hobs are perfectly formed with cast iron pan supports. AEG-Electrolux Ceramic and Induction Hobs will also enhance the appearance of any kitchen, with sleek bevelled edges and smooth touch controls.

44 Design


Stunning visual impact.

AEG-Electrolux hobs are designed to be the focal point of your kitchen, combining thoughtful and practical features with stunning visual impact.

The AEG-Electrolux range of hobs offer the ultimate in style. Gas on Glass hobs are perfectly formed with stylish cast iron pan supports. AEG-Electrolux Ceramic and Induction Hobs will also enhance the appearance of any kitchen, with sleek bevelled edges and smooth touch controls.

Safety thermocouples.

All our gas hobs are designed with safety thermocouples allowing you to install them wherever you want to.

Ultimate style.

A superior selection ranging in size from 36-103cm including a polygon, sleek rectangular designs and frontline future. All AEG-Electrolux 70/75cm hobs will fit into a standard 60cm space for ultimate ease when designing your perfect kitchen.

Gas on glass.

Gas burners mounted on ceramic glass offer the stylish aesthetic of ceramic with the versatility of gas cooking.

Cast iron pan supports.

Professional appearance and a durable finish, cast iron pan supports can be removed and placed in a dishwasher for easy cleaning. Cast iron pan supports have non-slip silicon feet for greater stability.

Induction Cooking 45

Induction cooking.

Induction cooking.

How induction works.

With a conventional electric hob, the entire cooking surface heats up, which in turn heats the bottom of the pan. Induction hobs use an electromagnet which creates an electromagnetic field when a pan is placed on the cooking surface. The pan becomes hot whilst the surrounding area remains safe to touch.

Time saving.

An induction hob combines the speed of gas with unbeatable ease of use and controllability. Dishes are cooked quicker because the cooking area reaches the desired temperature immediately.

Extremely responsive.

Induction cooking is even more responsive than gas. The temperature can be adjusted exactly and instantly, so precision and controllability is second to none; you can stop a pan from boiling over immediately without taking it off the hob. Pans will reach high heats very quickly, so induction is perfect for searing meat or fish, yet is also gentle enough to melt chocolate.

Energy efficient.

An induction hob automatically senses the size of the pan and only heats the exact area of the pan, using the minimum of energy possible. Temperatures are reached instantaneously, no pre-heating is ever necessary, saving more energy. Induction is the economical way to cook.

Total safety.

Even if the induction hob is accidentally switched on, it will not heat up unless a pot or pan is placed on it. Since only the pan is fully heated, induction hobs are always safe to touch, even after boiling a pan of water.

All AEG-Electrolux Induction Hobs have auto safety switch off, so they will automatically switch themselves off if left on for excessive time periods. All models also come with a child lock for total peace of mind.

Pot recognition indicators.

The cooking zone will not operate when incorrect cookware is used or when no pan is on the hob and the controls are accidentally activated.


The AEG-Electrolux Maxi-sense hob has fewer restrictions using flexible zone cooking sections. Pans can be placed anywhere on the hob as long as part of the pan covers one cross, preventing you being restricted to traditional zones.

46 Teppan Yaki

Teppan Yaki

Award winning.

Teppan Yaki Cooking Surface advanced technology.

The Teppan Yaki Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Cooking Surface. Not only does it have an award-winning appearance, it also offers real cooking flexibility. It is perfect for meat, kebabs, sausages, bacon, fish or vegetables - without the restriction of pots and pans.

Precise heat control.

The electronic control guarantees the optimum temperature, resulting in fast and precise cooking with a truly professional result. The Teppan Yaki has two separately controlled temperature zones to enable cooking of different foods simultaneously at different temperatures.

Professional result.

The specially formed twin layer stainless steel surface provides rapid heat up and ensures a constant and even distribution of heat. The combination of the professional look and outstanding performance means that the Teppan Yaki is as well-suited for a professional chef’s kitchen as

your own home. Food can be prepared directly on the stainless steel surface without fat or oils, offering excellent health benefits; alternatively, it is highly effective when using pots and pans.

Performance 47


Flexible precision.

Electric hob.

Induction zones.

Induction Hobs offer fast and responsive cooking; the pan becomes hot yet the hob’s smooth ceramic surface remains safe to touch. Energy is saved as only the exact amount needed for cooking is used, and cleaning is easy because nothing can bake on. Quicker and more controllable than gas, easy to clean and extremely safe.

Ceramic zones.

Hilight zone. Ceramic zones with a fine ribbon element under the glass which heat up in less than 5 seconds, saving both time and energy.

Dual zone. A cooking area with 2 zones. It can either be used for larger pans, or just the middle section can be activated for smaller pans, offering convenience and economy.

Triple zone. A ceramic cooking area comprising of three different sizes, which can be activated to match the size of saucepan being used.

Multi-purpose zone. An elongated oval zone, which can be used as a single zone with just the round section activated, or extended to accommodate casserole dishes or fish kettles.


Following selection of a power level and cooking time, pressing automax brings the zone up to the boil and then reduces it to a pre-selected power level for the remainder of the cooking time.

Power booster.

When selected, provides an intense rapid heat up, saving time.

Gas hob.


AEG-Electrolux's special burner design produces a clean and perfect flame. Burners come in a range of sizes for cooking flexibility and precision.

Rapid burner.

Large 3kW burner for more heat, ideal to heat larger pans.

Semi-rapid burner.

Medium 2kW burners - ideal for everyday food cooking.

Simmer burner.

Smaller 1kW burners to ensure perfect simmering or best coverage on smaller pans.

Triple crown burner.

Three individual circles of flame incorporated into one 4kW burner for maximum heat. Perfect for wok cooking.

48 Control


Precise control for peace of mind.

Responsive control.

AEG-Electrolux Hobs give instant heat, economy and controllability. In addition, AEG-Electrolux’s special burner design produces a clean and perfect flame, giving total cooking flexibility and precise results.

Electric Hob.

New electronic ’Direktouch’ Controls.

The new ‘Direktouch’ controls from AEG-Electrolux allows you direct access to your desired cooking level or simply slide along the scale.

Touch controls with LED display.

Electronic touch controls ensure precise heat selection. They are very easy to keep clean and provide a flush finish.


At the touch of a button, all zones are brought down to simmer level, then when the button is touched again it returns the zones exactly to the previous level. This feature is ideal when dealing with an unexpected guest or phone call.

Timer per zone.

A timer of 99 minutes may be selected for each cooking area. Once the cooking time is up, the hob will automatically turn off and an acoustic signal will sound, ensuring cooking perfection every time.

Gas Hob.

LED display.

An electronic display indicating the level of power in use.

Front controls.

Burner controls are situated at the front of the hob for ease of reach, ideal for left or right-handed cooks.

Reassurance 49


For perfect safety.

Electric hob.

Child lock.

Auto safety switch off.

For complete peace of mind, the hob

Many AEG-Electrolux electric hobs

can be locked to prevent children

automatically switch off if left on for

accidentally turning it on.

excessive time periods.

Control Lock.

This will prevent any alteration or activation of the hob’s settings; simply lock the controls once the cooking functions have been selected. It can also be used to lock the hob in the off position for added safety.

Residual heat indicators.

This safety feature visually indicates when residual heat is left on the hob surface.

Gas hob.

Safety thermocouples.

All of our hobs have safety thermocouples. If the flame goes out, the gas is automatically shut off from the source ensuring perfect safety.

Automatic ignition.

All AEG-Electrolux gas hobs have integrated ignitions. The gas hob is lit automatically when the control knob is pushed and turned, in a singlehanded operation.

LPG kit.

All our gas hobs come with a kit which converts the hob for use with LPG (bottled gas).

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