Breville AF6 User Manual

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Aqua Fountain

Instructions for Use


These instructions refer to the Breville Water Filter/Chillers AF5 and AF6


Congratulations on the purchase of your Breville BRITA Aqua Fountain chiller. In the unlikely event of experiencing any difficulties, call:

BRITA Customer Careline: 0844 7424800 for expert advice

(Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm. Local rates apply)

Also remember to REGISTER your chiller online or by the enclosed card


Detailed instructions are included but for a quick set up, follow these key tips:

1Before use, make sure water tanks are thoroughly washed and that water is flushed through the entire chiller system (the removable bottom plug will aid this). See page 4 for full instructions.

2For optimum taste and filtration speed, ensure your BRITA Maxtra cartridge is properly prepared before insertion into the top water tank. See page 5 for full instructions.

3When positioning the Aqua Fountain ensure it has a minimum of 15cm clearance for the ventillation slots at the back for efficient air circulation and maximum water cooling performance. See page 4 for full instructions.

4Use a jug to fill the tanks with cold water and take care not to spill down the tank sides or fill beyond the MAX FILL LEVEL. Add the water until all tanks are full.

To prevent air locks in the internal chilled water tank, depress the dispense lever until the water flows out. See page 6 for full instructions.

5Keep your Aqua Fountain out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources.

See page 6 for full instructions.

6Cooling time will vary depending on your ambient and water temperature. See page 6 for full instructions.



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BRITA Memo - cartridge exchange


ON/OFF switch




Red power on indicator


Upper water tank cover


Chilled water indicator


Hinged lid


Water dispenser lever


1 litre upper water tank


1 litre chilled filtered water tank


2 litre filtered water tank

11. BRITA MAXTRA water filter





Before using your water filter/chiller for the first time, it is recommended that the unit is flushed through with fresh water. Please ensure that you read the following instructions before flushing your water filter/chiller several times.

1.Remove your water filter/chiller carefully from the box. You may wish to store the packaging for future use.

2.Check the contents:

Water filter/chiller

BRITA MAXTRA water filter cartridge

User guide

BRITA brochure

BRITA registration card

3.Wash the clear plastic lid, upper and filtered water tanks in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

4.Reassemble the tanks as shown below.

Upper water tank cover

Upper water tank

Filtered water tank

5.Position the water filter/chiller on a stable flat surface, close to a mains power socket, not in direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

6.Make sure that there is sufficient space around the water filter/chiller to allow the heat extracted during the chilling process to dissipate. Leave a gap of at least 15 cm between the ventilation slots on the rear of the chiller and any wall or surface.

Do not plug the unit in or install the filter cartridge yet.

7.Lift the hinged lid and using a suitable jug, pour 2 litres of clean water into the tank. Place a glass under the dispenser and push the dispensing lever back to drain all of the water. It may take some time for the water to initially flow through.

8.Repeat this process one more time.

Chilled and filtered water tank



1.Remove the cartridge from its wrapping (it is normal for the cartridge to appear moist during storage - this is simply condensation).

2.Immerse the cartridge in cold water and agitate gently to remove any air bubbles.


There is no need to pre-soakthis cartridge before use.

3.Remove the lid from the upper water tank.

4.Insert the filter cartridge into the water tank as shown below. Push it firmly into place. When correctly fitted, the cartridge should remain in place when the tank is turned upside down.

1.Place the upper tank on a suitable bowl or jug. Fill with cold tap water up to the MAX FILL LEVEL mark on the upper water tank and allow the water to filter through.

Maximum fill level mark

Discard the first two fillings. These first two fillings are used to flush the filter cartridge. Place the upper tank back into the unit.

2.Replace the upper water tank lid.

3.Press and hold the START button on the BRITA Memo on the lid until all of the bars on the display appear and flash twice, see “Using the Memo function” on page 8.


When it is time to replace the cartridge after 4 weeks use, simply lift the ring pull handle on top of the cartridge to remove. The cartridge may be disposed of in household waste or contact the BRITA-Carecustomer service for advice on recycling schemes.



1.Lift the hinged lid and using a suitable jug, carefully pour water into the tank up to the MAX FILL LEVEL. This may take some time due to the action of the filter.

2.Keep adding water until all the tanks are full. Water flows through the cartridge at a set rate. This is to achieve the best possible filtration. Because of this it may take some time to fill all the tanks on first use. During normal use top up the tanks regularly.


After filling, it is important to vent any air in the unit otherwise the chiller will not function correctly. Do this by pressing the dispensing lever until the water flows from the dispenser without any air bubbles present. Once the water is clear of any air bubbles, the dispensing lever may be released. Top up the water tank if necessary.

3. Close the hinged lid.

4.Plug the unit into the mains supply. Press the chiller ON/OFF switch on the front of the unit. The switch will illuminate and the machine will begin to chill the water.

5.Dispense 2 litres of water from the unit to remove any unfiltered water from the unit that was used to prepare the chiller as instructed on page 4.

6.Within approximately 3 hours the blue indicator on the front of the unit will light indicating that the water has chilled to approximately 10OC, although this may take longer in very hot weather. The indicator will cycle on and off as the unit maintains its temperature, but the unit will continue to chill the water down to 8OC then stop. If the water temperature rises above 8OC the unit will start to chill again.

We recommend that the water chiller be kept out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.

7.Place a glass under the dispenser and push the lever back to dispense water.


It is normal for the indicator to go off when water is drawn. Water inside the unit will remain chilled but the indicator will not come on again until the optimum temperature has been reached.

8. Top up the water tank as necessary.



For optimum enjoyment, we recommend that if your water chiller has not been used for 1 day or more, you first draw half a glass of water and dispose of it. It is possible to use the unit without power but the water will not be chilled. Remember that water is a foodstuff. Please consume filtered water within 2 days.

To empty filtered water from the system, use the plug in the base of the chiller as instructed in the storage section on page 10.

When replacing the bottom 2 litre filtered water tank, please ensure that there is no water in the inner well (illustrated below).

Inner well

If there is water present, dispense the water using the lever until the well is empty.

Should water spill from the tank it is not dangerous. Do not grasp or pull on the tank sections to move or reposition the unit.


There is a risk of leakage from the split joint between the top tank and filtered water tank. This may occur if the unit is moved or disturbed when both tanks are at maximum capacity. To avoid leakage, draw off water using the lever to empty the top tank so that it does not overflow when moved.


Water is not dispensed:

Make sure that there is water in the tank.

Air trapped in the filter cartridge may stop water flowing into the filtered water tank. The cartridge must be immersed in cold water and agitated to removed any air bubbles before installation.

Filter is blocked. Replace.

Air can become trapped in the internal tank. Press the dispensing lever until clear water dispenses without any air bubbles. This may take some time.

Chiller light tuning off and on:

The chiller light will not stay on permanently. It will cycle on and off as the temperature of the water is maintained.



It is important to change your BRITA water filter cartridge regularly to enjoy the benefits of BRITA filtered water. The BRITA Memo system automatically reminds you when your water filter cartridge needs to be changed.

When you have fitted and prepared your water filter cartridge, start the Memo system as follows:

Press and hold the start button until four bars appear in the display and flash twice. The Memo is now set. The flashing dot in the bottom right corner of the display will show that the Memo is working.

Every week one bar will disappear to indicate the remaining cartridge life.

When only one bar is showing, check that you have a replacement BRITA MAXTRA water filter cartridge available.

After four weeks, all four bars will disappear and a flashing arrow will appear to indicate that the filter cartridge should be replaced.

Insert a new BRITA water filter cartridge (as described under “Changing the BRITA MAXTRA Filter Cartridge” on page 9) and restart the Memo as described above.

Please note: The Memo system is only intended for use with BRITA filter cartridges.













The filter cartridge will need to be changed approximately once per month.

1.Switch the water filter/chiller off and disconnect from the mains supply.

2.Using the dispenser, (as described in Cleaning and Maintenance on page 10) completely drain the water from the tanks.

3.Remove the upper water tank cover.

4.Pull the BRITA MAXTRA filter cartridge out of the unit and discard it.

5.Wash the lid and tanks in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

6.Remove the new BRITAMAXTRAfilter cartridge from its wrapping.


The cartridge and inside wrapper may be moist - this is simply condensation.

7.Follow the instructions in “Preparing the Filter Cartridge” on page 5.

8.Insert the BRITA MAXTRA filter cartridge into its receptacle in the upper water tank.

9.Replace the upper water tank lid.

10.Restart the BRITA Memo system as described in “Using the BRITA Memo Function” on page 8.

11.Lift the hinged lid and refill the tanks.

12.Close the hinged lid.

13.Plug the unit into the mains and press the chiller ON/OFF switch on the front of the unit and wait for the water to chill.


Always make sure you have spare cartridges to hand. When buying cartridges look for the BRITA MAXTRA symbol on the cartridge packaging to find the correct filter cartridge in store.




The outer casing of your water filter chiller can be cleaned using a soft damp cloth and a non-abrasivecleaner.

It is important that the inside of the chiller is cleaned regularly. We recommend that this is done at least monthly e.g. when changing the Maxtra cartridge. Also, ensure that the dispensing nozzle is cleaned regularly.

Cleaning Instructions

1.Disconnect the chiller from the electrical socket and drain all the water by unscrewing the drain plug on the bottom of the unit over a sink or large container.

2.When empty of water replace the drain plug.

3.Remove the lid and top up the water tank, leaving the bottom water tank in place.

4.Pour approximately 2 litres of water into the bottom tank, and add a nontainting sterilising fluid such as Milton (following manufacturer’s guidelines for dilution).

5.Depress dispensing lever until fluid starts to come out of the dispensing nozzle.

6.Stop depressing the lever when the fluid comes through the nozzle.

7.Leave the fluid to stand in the chiller as recommended by the fluid manufacturers instructions (normally approximately 10/15 minutes).

8.Drain the chiller using the drain plug at the bottom of the unit over a sink or large container. Replace the drain plug.

9.To flush through the system pour approximately 2 litres of water into the tank, depress the dispensing lever until water starts to come out of the dispensing nozzle, and then empty using the drain plug at the bottom of the unit over a sink or large container. Replace the drain plug.

10.Your chiller is now ready to use. Fill the chiller tanks with tap water as per chiller instructions, plug the unit into the socket and turn on. Use the chiller as normal.


If you are not going to use your water filter chiller for an extended time disconnect the unit from the mains and drain the water using the drain plug at the bottom of the unit over a sink or large container.

Remove the filter cartridge and discard. Leave the lid off and allow the unit to dry thoroughly.

If the chiller has not been used for an extended time, follow the internal cleaning instructions above before reusing.

Drain Plug