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Dual Speed Switch 5 plus (3C16790) Dual Speed Switch 8 plus (3C16791) Dual Speed Switch 16 plus (3C16792)

User Guide

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Introduction 4


Creating your Network 5


Dual Speed Switch 5 plus—Front


Dual Speed Switch 8 plus—Front


Dual Speed Switch 16 plus—Front


Dual Speed Switch 16 plus—Rear


How the Switch Can Be Used 9


Switching 9

Connecting 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Networks 10 Before You start 10

Unit Connections 10 Worksation Connections 10 Twisted Pair (TP) Cables 10

Stacking the Units Together 11 The Rubber Feet 11

The Stacking Clip 11

Positioning Your Switch 12

Securing Your Switch 12

Connecting Workstations and Other Equipment to Your Switch 13

Connecting OfficeConnect Units to Your Switch 13 Checking Unit Connections 14

Spot Checks 14

Problem Solving 15

Networking Terminology 17

Dimensions and Standards 19

Dimensions and Operating Conditions 19

Standards 19

Environmental Statements 20

End Of Life Statement 20 Regulated Materials Statement 20

Environmental Statement about the Documentation 20 Environmental Statement about the Product Packaging 20

Important Safety Information 21

Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise 22

Consignes importantes de sécurité 23

Online Technical Services 24 World Wide Web Site 24

3Com Knowledgebase Web Services 24

Technical Support 24

Support from Your Network Supplier 25

Support from 3Com 25

Returning Products for Repair 27

3Com Corporation Limited Warranty 29

Regulatory Notices 31



Welcome to the world of networking with 3Com® . In the modern business environment, communication and sharing information is crucial. Computer networks have proved to be one of the fastest modes of communication but until recently, only large businesses could afford the networking advantage. The OfficeConnect® product range from 3Com has changed this, bringing networks to the small office.

As the power of workstations and business applications increases, heavier demands are made on the available network bandwidth that if unchecked, can lead to performance problems in a hub-basedsetup. Installing the OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch 5 plus (3C16790), Switch 8 plus (3C16791) or Switch 16 plus (3C16792) allows your network to be segmented so that traffic can be contained effectively, reducing the overall load without affecting access to critical resources.

This guide will use the term 'Switch' when referring to the Dual Speed Switch 5 plus, Switch 8 plus or Switch 16 plus.

The Switch is ideal for use with other OfficeConnect products, as shown in Figure 1. It is compact and attractively designed for desktop use. The Switch is part of the OfficeConnect range which neatly stack together with the OfficeConnect Stacking Clip.

Figure 1 Small Network with OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch plus (Circle Shows Units Clipped Together)

This Switch has five, eight or sixteen 10/100BASE-TXports. This allows you to set up a network with both10BASE-Tand100BASE-TXhubs and workstations.



Dual Speed Switch 5 plus—Front


Dual Speed Switch 8 plus—Front


Dual Speed Switch 16 plus—Front


Dual Speed Switch 16 plus—Rear

Power Adapter socket

Only use the power adapter that is supplied with this OfficeConnect Switch. Do not use any other adapter.


Use suitable TP cable with RJ-45connectors. You can connect the OfficeConnect Switch to any workstation or OfficeConnect hub that has a10BASE-T,100BASETX or10/100BASE-TXport. Each port is capable ofauto-negotiatingfor 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps operation. All ports have an automatic MDI / MDIX feature, which means either a 'straight through' or 'crossover' UTP cable can be used to connect to any port. The switch will automatically detect which wiring practice has been followed and will compensate accordingly.

WARNING: RJ-45 ports. These are shielded RJ45 data sockets. They cannot be used as standard traditional telephone sockets, or to connect the unit to a traditional PBX or public telephone network. Only connectRJ-45data connectors, network telephony systems, or network telephones to these sockets.

Either shielded or unshielded data cables with shielded or unshielded jacks can be connected to these data sockets.

WARNHINWEIS: RJ-45-AnschlüsseDiese Porte sind geschützte Datensteckdosen. Sie dürfen weder wie normale traditionelle Telefonsteckdosen noch für die Verbindung der Einheit mit einem traditionellem privatem oder öffentlichem Telefonnetzwerk gebraucht werden. Nur RJ-45-Datenanscluße, Telefonnetzsysteme or Netztelefone an diese Steckdosen anschließen. Entweder geschützte oder ungeschützte Buchsen dürfen an diese Datensteckdosen angeschlossen werden.

AVERTISSEMENT: Ports RJ-45.Ceux-ci sont protégés par des prises de données. Ils ne peuvent pas être utilisés comme prises de téléphone conventionnelles standard, ni pour la connection de l’unité à un réseau téléphonique central privé ou public. Raccorder seulement connecteurs de données RJ-45, systèmes de réseaux de téléphonie ou téléphones de réseaux à ces prises. Il est possible de raccorder des câbles protégés ou non protégés avec des jacks protégés ou non protégés à ces prises de données.