Volkswagen Tiguan 2010 Owner's Manual

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Did you know that a Volkswagen was named the 2009 World Car of the Year?* Or that Volkswagen has ESP® standard on all 2010 vehicles? Or that we provide a Carefree MaintenanceProgram** on all our 2010 cars? Or that we were the first to make clean diesel available in all 50 states? Or that we have more autos with 25 highway mpg or better than any other brand?And that we have more cars and SUVs named 2009 IIHS Top Safety Picks than Volvo?†† How about that right now, the VW forest is growing in Louisiana thanks to the Volkswagen Carbon Neutral Project—the first US carbon offsetting program initiated by a car manufacturer? There may be a lot you don’t know about Volkswagen. In the pages to come, learn more about the SUV that’s just the right size for just about anything—the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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*The 2009 Volkswagen Golf was awarded “2009 World Car of the Year” by World Car of the Year Awards. See for details.**The Volkswagen Carefree

36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Coverage is during the term of the new vehicle limited warranty, at no additional charge. Some limitations apply. See dealer or

vehicle maintenance program booklet for details. Based on MY09 highway EPA estimates for all car brands.Your mileage will vary. ††“Top Safety Pick” based on 31mph

the availability of ESC. Test performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. For details, visit See for more information on safety features.

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Volkswagen Tiguan 2010 Owner's Manual

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The Tiguan is the first Compact SUV from Volkswagen. Sporty, safe, and smart, it was named a 2009 IIHS Top Safety Pick,* and was selected as an 2009 Consumers’ Top RatedSM Vehicle.** This award-winning auto is designed with the belief that you only need as much SUV as you need. Just enough to get you and your stuff to the playground. Whether that playground is at the corner park, or Rocky Mountain National Park. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

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crash test, 40mph frontal-offset crash test, 20mph rear-impact test, and the availability of ESC.Test performed by the Insurance See for more information on safety features.**See for more information on winners.

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The Tiguan has optional 4MOTION to tame the toughest driving conditions. It’s ready to spring into action and adjust during hazardous road conditions. That’s because it constantly monitors the individual traction of each wheel and makes adjustments. If a tire has less traction, 4MOTION reduces power to the wheel. If a tire has more traction, 4MOTION sends over a little extra power. It’s all-wheel drive technology that all-ways has your back.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandates that electronic stability control be included on all vehicles by 2012. So we figured we’d get a head start by making ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program) standard on every 2010 Volkswagen. It helps the driver stay the intended course by detecting slick and slippery road conditions and kicking in corrective forces. ESP

is most effective when the driver is taking evasive action during sudden maneuvers, like when avoiding an

ESP also stands for Extra-Sensory Perception

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