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Thank you for purchasing a Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime!

To set up your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeplease refer to the instructions in the Quick Start Guide included with your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime.

Getting to know your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime




Welcome 1









Power (



Toggle power





Source (



Switch source input








Adjust volume








Adjust radio, iPod track, clock and alarm times



Preset buttons ( 1 2 3 )

Switches to an iPod playlist / radio station





Time Set (



Adjust the clock time





Alarm 1 (

/ )

Alarm 2 ( )

Toggle alarm state / adjust alarm settings





Snooze (



Snooze alarm / activate sleep timer




Brightness (


Adjust the display brightness





4/ ;



Play / Pause iPod




Motion sensor


Motion sensing snooze / Activates backlights



Remote sensor

Receive signals from remote









Numerical display

Clock time / alarm time / radio station




On when alarm is enabled




On when sleep timer is active




On when alarm has been snoozed




On when backup battery is low or dead or


not installed.



iPod, AM, FM, Aux

Indicates the selected source



Anytime Fi-Pure Logitech your know to Getting





toListening 3

Listening to Your iPodTM

To listen to your iPod:

1. Plug your iPod / iPhone into the Universal Dock.

2.Using the iPod, select the songs you want to listen to.

3.Press Play on your iPod.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimewill automatically turn on, switch to the iPod input and start playing.


• You can navigate through your playlist directly on the iPod or by using the |7 8|buttons.

iPod Playlist Presets

You can use the preset buttons to launch playlists on your iPod. To do so, create playlists on your iPod named ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’. Pressing a preset button will launch the playlist with the same name – in shuffle mode.

Operating the Radio

Your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeincludes both AM and FM radios. To listen to the radio:

1.Press Source ( ) repeatedly – until either AM or FM is active.

2.Use the |7 8|buttons to change the station.


• To automatically scan for the next station, press and hold the |7 8|buttons until you hear a beep.

Radio Presets

To save a station as a preset:

1.Change to the desired station.

2.Press and hold the desired preset button (1, 2, or 3) until you hear a beep.

To change to a preset station:

1.Press Source ( ) repeatedly – until either AM or FM is active.

2.Press the desired preset button (1, 2, or 3).

Using the Auxiliary Input

To use the 3.5mm auxiliary input:

1. Connect your source device to the auxiliary input.

2.Press Source ( ) repeatedly until the auxillary input is active.

3.Press Play on your source device.


• Depending on your source device, you may need to purchase an adapter cable.

Adjusting the Volume

To adjust the system volume:

1. Use the volume buttons ( )

Input Auxiliary the Using




Setting the Clock

To set the current time:

1.Press and hold Time Set ( ) until you hear a beep.

2.Use the |7 8|buttons to change the time.

3.Press Time Set () to accept the change.

Using the Alarms

Your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeincludes two separate alarms.

Alarm State

To enable an alarm: press alarm 1 ( ) or alarm 2 ( ). This will also show you the alarm time. To disable an alarm: press alarm 1 ( ) or alarm 2 ( ).

Note: If an alarm is enabled, the alarm indicator for that alarm will be visible on the display.

Alarm Settings

To set the alarm settings:

1.Press and hold alarm 1 ( ) or alarm 2 ( ) for 1 second.

2.Alarm time: Press the |7 8| buttons to change the time.

3.Alarm source: Press Source ( ) to select the alarm source. Options are: iPod, AM, FM, and buzzer.

4.Alarm volume: Use / or the volume /buttons on the remote to select the alarm volume.





To immediately exit from alarm set mode, press alarm 1 (

) or alarm 2 (


If iPod is the selected alarm source, Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimewill launch the playlist named “Alarm 1”



(for Alarm 1) or “Alarm 2” (for Alarm 2) in shuffle mode when the alarm occurs. If no “Alarm 1” or “Alarm


2” playlist exists, Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimewill resume the current playlist. If there is no current playlist,



Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimewill randomly play music from the entire iPod library.


















Using the snooze feature will temporarily turn off an active alarm for several minutes – allowing you to get a few


more minutes of sleep. To activate the snooze feature:



• Press Snooze (

) OR



• Wave your hand above the speaker (the motion sensor will activate snooze automatically)








• To set the length of the snooze timer, hold the snooze button (

) down until you hear a beep. Then,


press the |7 8|buttons to change the snooze length.

Resetting an Alarm

Resetting an alarm turns it off for the rest of the current day – and automatically turns it on for the following day. To reset an alarm, do either of the following:

Press Power ( ). This will also turn the speaker off. OR

Press Source ( ). This will keep the speakers on and switch to the selected source.


An alarm can only be reset if it is either active or snoozed. (Pressing either alarm button if no alarm is active will toggle the alarm state rather than reset it.)

An alarm will only sound for 60 minutes before automatically resetting itself.

Backup Battery

Your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeincludes a backup battery to keep your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeworking even during a power outage. The backup battery performs three functions while the power is out:

It keeps the clock time correct

It will remember your radio presets

It will sound the alarm

The display will indicate when the battery is low or dead or not installed.


When using the backup battery:

The alarm will always sound the buzzer, regardless of the alarm source setting.


You cannot listen to the iPod or the radio.


The display brightness will be at the lowest setting.




Sleep Timer

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeincludes a sleep timer that will automatically turn Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeoff after a set period of time. To activate the sleep timer, press Snooze. To increment the timer, press Snooze repeatedly

– until the desired time is reached. For finer adjustment of the duration, use the |7 8|buttons. You can turn off the sleep timer in one of two ways:

Press power ( ). This will also turn Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeoff.

Repeatedly press Snooze until the display reads ‘Off’. This will leave Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeon.


• The sleep timer can only be used if no alarm is currently sounding and no snooze time is active.

Motion Sensor

Your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeincludes an integrated motion sensor. It provides two benefits:

Motion-activated backlights

The button backlights automatically turn on when motion is detected above the speaker, allowing you to adjust the speaker without having to turn on the lights in the room. The backlights will dim a few seconds after motion is no longer detected.

Motion-sensing snooze

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeallows you to simply wave your hand above the speaker to activate the snooze feature. This prevents you from having to reach for the snooze button and accidentally knocking your iPod out of the Universal Dock.

Charging Your iPod

Your iPod battery will charge automatically when your iPod is in Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime’s Universal Dock, and connected to A/C power. Your iPod will not charge if the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeis operating on battery back up power.

Note: If your iPod is left on while the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeis not connected to AC power, the iPod battery will run down.

Sleep Timer





firmware. Test your iPod with headphones or another speaker.

My iPod is in the Dock and playing, but I can’t hear any music.


Make sure that Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeis on.


Make sure that the iPod input is selected.


Make sure that the volume level on Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeis at least half way up. Use the volume up and



down buttons on the speaker to adjust.


Try turning off the Sound Check feature on your iPod.


Download the latest version of iTunes (available at apple.com) and upgrade your iPod to the latest iPod


There isn’t a Universal Dock adapter for my iPod.

Try each of the trays included with your Logitech Pure-Fi Anytimeand use the tray that provides the best fit.

Use the Universal Dock adapter that was included with your iPod when you purchased it.

If you have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPod, you need to use the Aux input connector on the back of Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime™. (1st / 2nd generation iPods do not have a dock connector. 3rd generation iPods are not supported by the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime™’s Universal Dock.)

The FM radio reception is poor.

• Make sure that the FM antenna is fully extended. Leaving the antenna coiled up will result in poor reception.

The remote isn’t working.

Point the remote directly at Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime.

Make sure the remote sensor isn’t being blocked.

Try using a new battery in the remote.

The display and controls are too bright / dim.

Use the Brightness button to adjust the brightness level.

My iPod screen says “OK to disconnect” or “Accessory attached.”

Depending on your iPod model, these messages may appear when playing iPod playlist presets. Once the music has started playing, the iPod screen will return to normal.

For the most up-to-date troubleshooting information, visit www.logitech.com




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