3COM 10BASE-T User Manual
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SuperStack® 3 Baseline 10/100 Switch24-Port10BASE-T/100BASE-TXplus1-Port1000BASE-T(3C16467) User Guide



The SuperStack® 3 Baseline 10/100 Switch 24 Port10BASE-T/100BASE-TXplus1-Port1000BASE-Tis a versatile,easy-to-useunmanaged switch. It is ideal for users who want thehigh-speedperformance of 10/100 switching with the added functionality of a1000BASE-Tlink but do not need sophisticated management capabilities. The Baseline 10/100 Switch is shipped ready for use. No configuration is necessary.

The Baseline 10/100 Switch 24 Port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TXplus1-Port1000BASE-Thas 24 shieldedRJ-45,10/100Mbpsauto-negotiatingports and one shieldedRJ-45,1000BASE-Tport on the front panel. Each 10/100Mbps port automatically determines the speed and duplex mode of the connected equipment and provides a suitable switched connection. The1000BASE-Tport is a fixed speed port that operates in full duplex mode.

The Baseline 10/100 Switch is suited for office use where it can be free standing, or rack mounted (in a wiring closet or equipment room).

The Baseline 10/100 Switch comes with:

TOne power cord

TFour self-adhesiverubber pads

TOne mounting kit

The Switch can be powered either from the AC mains supply, or through an optional 3Com SuperStack 3 Advanced Redundant Power System (3C16071B). Contact your supplier for details.

The Baseline 10/100 Switch 24 Port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TXplus1-Port1000BASE-Tprovides high performance switched connections to 10Mbps and 100Mbps hubs, servers and workstations that need a dedicated switched link and a switched fixed speed 1000 Mbps port that can connect to other1000BASE-Tports or servers/workstations.