ZALMAN ZM-NB47J User Manual

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ZALMAN ZM-NB47J User Manual



1.ZM-NB47J does not require a fan, and thus does not need to be powered and does not create noise or vibration.

2.The Northbridge chipset can be cooled down to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.

Attention 1) Zalman is not responsible for any system damage caused by overclocking.

2)There should be air-flow around the chipset.

* Recommendation : When used with CPU coolers such as CNPS6000-XXXX (socket462)


and CNPS6500B-XXXX (socket478) having FB123, or with CNPS7000-XXXX


(socket478/754), more stable and silent operation can be achieved.



1) One ZM-NB47J Heatsink

2) One Supply of Thermal Grease

3)Bolts, Nuts, Links, Push Pins, Springs (Two of Each)

Heatsink Specifications


1) Model : ZM-NB47J

2) Dimensions : 37(L) X 37(W) X 47(H) mm

3) Material : Aluminum

4) Weight : 54g

Compatible Northbridge Chipsets

ZM-NB47J is compatible with all Northbridge chipsets that do not have a built-in graphics chipset.

Note 1) ZM-NB47J cannot be used on motherboards that lack mounting holes around the Northbridge chipset.

2)If the provided push pins don’t match the holes on the motherboard, any matching push pins may be used instead.

3)Do not install ZM-NB47J if it interferes with components on the motherboard.

<How to Install >





Push Pin



















Link Assembly



1.Insert the bolt into the bolt hole of the link and screw on the nut as shown in the diagram. Then, assemble the push pin and the spring onto the link. (The end of the spring having the smaller diameter goes with the head of the push pin.)

2.Adjust the nut to the appropriate height and insert the link assembly into the groove on the ZM-NB47J in the direction of the arrow.

Thermal Grease



3.Align the push pins on the link assembly with the holes on the motherboard and fasten the bolts.

4.Clean the surface of the Northbridge chipset and spread the included thermal grease evenly thereon.

5.Insert the push pins into the mounting holes on the motherboard and ensure they remain firmly in place.

Caution < ! > Thermal grease is harmful to skin and eyes. In the event of skin contact, clean off promptly with water. In the event of eye contact, contact a doctor.

*CNPS stands for Computer Noise Prevention System and is a registered trademark of Zalman.

* The specifications of any product may change without prior notice to improve the performance thereof.