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Quick Guide


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Ver. 1301221

1 Reminder

1. Information

This manual is for handling and using ZM-VE400.

Please read “Caution” before using the device.

Please check “Troubleshooting” when issue occurs.

Be sure to always back up important data

■ The external HDD manufacturer is not responsible for any data stored in the external HDD nor liable for any emotional or physical damages caused due to data loss.

Do not arbitrarily disassemble.

■ If you disassemble the product or remove/damage the stickers and/or labels attached on the product, you cannot receive the warranty service.

Caution: Electrostatic

■ Do NOT touch the circuit with bare hands. The chip controlling the ZM-VE400's virtual CD-ROM is a electrostatic sensitive part. ZM-VE400 may not operate properly if the circuit is damaged by the electrostatic discharge.

Visit official homepage ( to download firmware upgrades and ZM-VE400 User Guide.

This User Guide is subject to change without prior notice to users in order to enhance the product features and to apply the firmware upgrade.

2. Components (Components may be changed without notice.)



Screw Driver & Bolts 2pcs

Quick Guide



Quick Guide


USB 3.0 Cable



ZALMAN ZM-VE400 User Manual

3. Name of Parts











Part Name






USB 3.0 Port :USB 3.0 Cable Port






LED Indicator: Read / Write LED lighting


(Blue LED: USB3.0, White LED: USB2.0)







LCD Display Panel: File list and Menu




Touch Panel: Select file and Control menu




Enter : "Enter" and "Select"




Menu : Enter/ Exit “Menu mode ”




5 : Mount / Unmount Virtual ODD




1 : Press "1"on touch pad for 3 seconds for



safe removal




4. Specification (It may be changed without notice.)








Case Material

Aluminum alloy, Acryl, Poly carbonates (PC)




91g (except Hard disk)




146 x 80.8 x 14 (L x W x H / mm)




USB 3.0/2.0/1.1



Maximum Transfer Rate





DC5V(USB Power), 2.5" Hard disk



Support OS

Window XP / Linux 2.6 / MAC OS X 1.0.0 or higher



5. System Minimum Requirement

Intel Pentium / 350MHz or higher CPU

Memory 60MB or higher

System should have USB CD booting bios

(Most of PC manufactured before 2003 doesn’t support CD-ROM booting)



6. General Features

Encryption function is available through device’s touch panel

Does not need application program installation.

Has normal external HDD function.

External CD-ROM function (or CD/DVD/BD changer) with ISO file instead of CD/ DVD/BD disk.

File names are shown in display panel. And the files can be navigated through

/ / < / > on the touch pad.

Can check hard disk condition such as internal temperature or health level.

Goes to Safety removal mode after hard disk head parking zone. It makes hard disk much safer.

Has write protect function. It protects from unexpected virus attack.

2 Case Assembly

1. Enclosed Parts

Screw driver

Screw 2EA

2. Assembly Order

Detach 2 screws from rear aluminum coverTake out aluminum cover

Insert 2.5” Hard disk to the main bodyTighten 2 screws to the aluminum cover







3 Connect with USB

1. Connecting to PC

- Connect device to PC’s USB port using enclosed USB cable.

When disconnecting, please use “Hardware Safety Removal” on the tray. Please press "1" on touch pad for 3 seconds to do Safe removal.

LED Indicator

USB3.0 Port

4 Display

1. Icon Description


















Write Protect



Read & Write Enabled













Dual Mode



HDD Mode


















ODD Mode



Sleep Mode






















iso File Mounted to



Connect Virtual HDD





Virtua l CD



















2. Functional description





To enter Menu mode, touch "Menu" on touch panel




5 Encryption

In Menu mode, find Encryption option (Encryption is disabled when released)

1. To use Encryption function, touch "Enter" to enter “Set Encryption”

Set Encryption

Reset Encryption

2.Type password (4 ~ 8 numbers), and type it again to confirm password (* Press "Menu" to delete the wrong numbers)

Input Password

Confime Password


3.Setting is completed

4.Delete Encryption function, touch "Enter" at below option

Set Encryption

Reset Encryption

5. Please confirm that all the data will be gone.

Data will be lost!

1. Yes 2. No

Please beware that all the data in the hard disk will be lost when Set / Reset Encryption

6. Password

Input Password


When Encryption’s enabled, password should be typed whenever connected to PC. If the password is typed wrong 10 times, device should be reconnected.

Also, type waiting time gets longer as each mistakes made.

7. To copy Date to device, please format hard disk first



6Virtual CD-ROM

To use Virtual ODD, iso file must be located in the “_iso” folder of the device.

After finding iso file with / / < / >, touch “5” to select it.

External HDD or CD-ROM may not be recognized according to current mode state.

1. Main Menu

Mode Select

Setting Device Mode




Set / Reset Encryption Function




Setting LCD Brightness or Sleep Mode Time




Check HDD Information and Firmware Information



USB Connect

Setting USB Connection




Setting Virtual HDD Mounting




Exit Menu



2. Mode Select (“” is shown in selected mode)

Dual Mode

Both of external HDD and CD-ROM are recognized.






ODD Mode

External CD-ROM is recognized.



(Useful when installing OS)





HDD Mode

External HDD is recognized.



(Useful when connected to other devices except PC)









3. Encryption







Set Encryption

Encryption function is on. All the existed data will be lost


after setting password





Reset Encryption

Delete Encryption function. All the existed data will be



lost after resetting password









4. Setting








LCD Brightness

Adjust LCD backlight brightness







Idle Brightness

Adjust LCD backlight brightness in Sleep Mode







Standby Time

Sleep Mode time setting







Load Default

Return to default value




















5. Information










Hard disk SMART information







HDD Model

Display Hard disk model name








HDD Serial

Display Hard disk serial number








Firmware Ver.

Display device firmware version








6. S.M.A.R.T






HDD Temp.

Display HDD temperature






Display HDD health info (Good, Warning, Bad)


HDD Health

-If Warning or Bad is shown, please check HDD carefully



after backup data.


7. USB Connect


Refreshing device from PC



Safe Removal

Safely removing from PC



8. Advanced

Write Protect

ON/OFF Write protection



Umount VHDD

Disable (Unmount) Virtual HDD function





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