ZALMAN ZM17-CU User Manual

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ZALMAN ZM17-CU User Manual



-ZM17-CU does not require a fan, thus it does not need to be powered, nor does it create noise or vibration.

-The video card can be cooled down to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.

-More stable operation of the video card is ensured in overclocking environment.

(Zalman is not responsible for any damage to system and/or the video card caused by



1)One ZM17-CU FHS

2)A set of Two Thermal Adhesives(Type A, B)

HeatSink Specification

1) Model : ZM17-CU

2) Dimensions : 125W X 52L X 17H

3) Fin Length : 65

4) No. of Fins : 14

5) Fin Thickness : 0.3

6) Base Material : Pure Copper

7) Mass : 120g

8) Surface Area : 510

9) Thermal Resistance : 2.2deg


Compatible Video Cards

Usable on all brands of Video Cards


1) For GeForce 256 DDR, RADEON DDR, and higher classes of video cards, the ZM17-


must be used with Zalman's FB165(

2)If the heatsink(ZM17-CU) interferes with some components on the video card, do not attach.

3)The ZM17-CU attached with the adhesive cannot be removed afterwards.

4)Attach in well ventilated place.

5)If the adhesive gets on your skin, promptly clean off with water.

How to Install

1)Clean off the surfaces of the video card chipset and the ZM17-CU thoroughly.

2)Spread the Type A thermal adhesive evenly on the video card chipset.

3)Then spread the Type B thermal adhesive evenly on the ZM17-CU's contact surface.

4)After pressing the ZM17-CU onto the video card chipset firmly, lay the video card evenly for 15 minutes for the adhesive to cure.

*The specification of the products may change without prior notice to improve the performance thereof.