ZALMAN ZM-MFC2 User Manual


Safety Precautions

The following precautions and directions are measures against possible accidents and injuries. Please read them

thoroughly before using this product.

Neglecting the following

may cause serious injury or

Warning death.

Opening the cover of the product while the power cord is plugged into the Current/Voltage Sensor (CVS) may cause electrocution of the user or critical damage to the product.

Handling the power cord with wet hands may cause electrocution.

During heavy lightning storms, unplug the main power cord from the CVS to prevent possible system damage and fire hazards.

Plugging in the CVS Cable of the CVS into the motherboard’s USB port may damage the motherboard and CVS.

If the current to be measured exceeds 10A (RMS), use a cable or conductor that allows current greater than the current to be measured to flow through it, and always connect protective grounding prior to use of this instrument.

Neglecting the following may cause minor injuries, Caution degrade product conditions,

or cause malfunction.

Operating the product in an extremely cold or hot environment can degrade product performance and life span.

Allowing liquids to enter the product can result in malfunction.

Operating in a humid or non-ventilated environment can reduce product life span.

Do not place heavy objects on top of the CVS.

Must use a well wrung-out cloth to clean the CVS.

Using the product for purposes not specified by ZALMAN may cause damage to other devices connected to this product.

Must be installed on an easily reachable location.


Alternating current

Protective conductor terminal

Caution, risk of electric shock

Caution, risk of danger

CE mark

Federal Communications


Commission (FCC) mark

Nationally Recognized Testing

Restriction of Hazardous

Laboratory mark

Substances (RoHS) mark

Environmental Conditions


This product must be used under the following environmental conditions:

a)Indoor use;

b)Altitude up to 2,000m;

c) Temperature 5 to 40 ;

d) Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31 decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40 ; e) MAINS supply voltage fluctuations up to 10% of the nominal voltage.



1.Real time display of power consumption.

2.Four sensors for temperature monitoring and display.

3.Monitoring and control of one PWM fan and three standard fans.

4.Alarm system to notify non-operation of any of the fans.

5.Fan’s operation status indicated with animated propeller images.


1. One ZM-MFC2

2. One CVS (Current/Voltage Sensor)

3. One Bracket / CVS Extension Cable

4. Four Temperature Sensors

5. Fan Cables - 3-Pin 2EA, 4-Pin 1EA, Y-Cable 1EA

6. Four ZM-MFC2 Installation Bolts

7. One Bracket Installation Bolts

8. One User’s Manual

ZM-MFC2 Specifications



147 x 87 x 42 (mm)

Power & Temperature Display

30~800W/ -9 ~ +99

Fan Compatibility

1 X 4-Pin (Supports fans with PWM function)

3 X 3-Pin (Supports fans with RPM output function)




Fan RPM Control



PWM Regulation Method (Fan No.4)




Voltage Control Method (Fan No.1~3)




Output Current



Output Voltage



Input Voltage







CVS Specifications


100-240V~,50/60 Hz, 10A

Bypass Output

100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 10A


5V~, 0.03A




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