Xylem WTW User Manual

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WTW MultiLab® Importer

Add-In for Microsoft® Excel® for data import from WTW meters

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Xylem WTW User Manual

WTW MultiLab® Importer


The latest version of the present operating manual can be found on the Internet under www.WTW.com.

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WTW MultiLab® Importer


Hardware requirements

Software requirements

1 Overview

The WTW MultiLab® Importer program is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that is used to transfer data from WTW meters to an open Excel spreadsheet.

The WTW MultiLab® Importer supports all WTW meters of the Lab and Field Instrumentation program that have a USB interface for data output.

The following data can be transmitted:

zThe current measurement data of all connected sensors

zManual storage (complete contents)

zAutomatic storage (complete contents)

zCalibration record

zCalibration memory.

2 Installing the WTW MultiLab® Importer

2.1PC requirements

The WTW MultiLab® Importer PC program requires the following system components:

zCD-ROM drive for installation

zFree USB interface

zMicrosoft Excel, Version 2003 or higher

2.2Installation routine

The following files and/or directories are on the supplied CD-ROM:

zA directory with the installation program for the driver of the USB interface

zThe installation file for the WTW MultiLab® Importer program

zA folder with the operating manual for the WTW MultiLab® Importer program.




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